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Clever foreign exchange management

An open-web trading technology to buy and sell currency, open accounts and wire funds globally.
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The first intelligent global payment engine

Expanding a business abroad is complex. FX4BIZ accompanies SME's in managing their foreign exchange and international payments.

FX4BIZ took the payment functions of your bank, made them more efficient and available whenever you need them. We have also joined a smart cross-border payment engine that gives access to wholesale conditions and a fast, reliable payment network.

  • Secure Payment Network
  • Fast Execution
  • No hidden fees
  • Customer Oriented Interface

All your needed foreign currencies at your fingertips

With FX4BIZ, you will be able to buy and sell currencies and execute all your payments directly. You'll get real-time exchange rates with full transparency of our pricing.

Get smart notifications on rate changes, place orders, monitor positions and seize each market opportunity without a hitch. On top of that, we provide real-time market data and the possibility of limit orders.

  • Real-time exchange rates
  • Risk-mitigating tools
  • Transparent pricing

Cutting edge foreign currency account management

Turnkey solution for global firms needing a comprehensive international payment solution structure.

FX4BIZ opens an account in your name in the currencies of your choice and free of charge. Financial controllers will appreciate our “Forecasted balance” functionality which shows the upcoming balance of their currency accounts in a very intuitive timeline.

  • Straightforward balance management
  • Free international payment accounts
  • Smart cashflow predictions
  • Multi-currency accounts reporting

Extra features

Use our developer-friendly API

We created our unique, easy-to-integrate RESTful API, which allows you to automate your global payment activity.

White-label web application

As a retailer, you can obtain a tailor-made version of our web-app and use the benefits of our technology!

Solutions for introducing brokers

We've created a web application for Introducing Brokers who have their own portfolio of clients, a strong local presence and hold an appropriate licence.

Free instant money transfers

With the FX4BIZ Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment system, transferring money becomes child’s play. It’s instantaneous and free!

Scalable virtual accounts technology

By using our cutting edge reconciliation technology, you can easily create virtual sub-accounts of your FX4BIZ accounts. These accounts give you the ability to easily allocate funds per business unit, client or transaction.

Missing a Feature?

Since we are constantly improving our platform, we'd love to hear your feedback.

About us A Fintech startup driven by people who want to turn the financial globe into one, borderless country.