Can You Get Cash Back With Chime?

If you’re a Chime credit cardholder, you must be wondering if you can get cash back with Chime credit cards. Don’t worry – you won’t be puzzled by this question for much longer. I’ve explained everything you need to know on this topic in the text below. Check it out, and everything on Chime cash back will be clear.  

So, can you get cash back with Chime? You can get cash back with Chime at more than 40,000 retail locations in the US. To be eligible for cash back, you must have the Chime Spot Me feature. When you overdraw your account and go into a negative balance, you will have an option of getting cash back for the amount up to the limit of your Spot Me.

When it comes to banking and credit cards, we often get lost in the amount of information out there – it’s easy to overlook something or end up paying for fees you haven’t even heard of.

That’s why even a little amount of money you get with cash back can be quite satisfactory. If you want to find out how to get your cash back after purchasing something with a Chime credit card, just keep reading. 

Can You Get Cash Back With Chime After Purchasing Something?

When you purchase something with your Chime debit card at one of more than 40,000 supported locations and your account goes into a negative balance, you can get a cash back reward. The amount you receive will be up to your Spot Me limit. This limit starts at $20 but can grow up to $200 – Chime determines the number and notifies you through the app. 

With earlier Spot Me versions, you could just have your purchases from a debit card covered, but this service has drastically improved in recent years. Nowadays, Chime Spot Me even allows you to spot some cash at the ATM, not just selected stores like Walmart or services like Uber. A lot of experts swear on Chime and its service. 

Here’s How Cash Back Process With Chime Spot Me Works 

So, let’s say you are in a store and want to buy something. You wish to get a cash back – how exactly do you do it? The process is quite simple. Once you’ve picked up your desired items and headed to the self-checkout, you will scan the products and click on the button for paying. 

Then, place your credit card in the machine – the option will show up, asking if you would like to receive cash back. Obviously, you will choose to get it – pick the amount, but don’t forget that it has to be smaller than your Spot Me limit. Lastly, you just have to type in your PIN-code and get the money from the machine. It’s pretty straightforward, don’t you think?

Cash Back Credit Cards – Is It Always a Good Idea to Have This Option? 

It might sound strange to ask this – why wouldn’t you want to get a bit of cash if you can? Even if your credit card has a certain number of cash backs available for a specific time period, it’s better to get something than nothing, right?

Well, not necessarily. First, I have to say that cash rewards are an excellent way to get something out of your spending. 

However, this applies only to those who can pay off their full balance every month. If you have not-so-organized spending habits and you’re not quite good with your money, the chances are that you will have a balance at the end of the month – this means you will have to pay some interest. 

Oftentimes, the monthly interest will be higher than the amount you can earn in cash back rewards. So, if you’re using your card with the goal of getting the money back, you have to be aware of this and calculate the numbers right.

If Your Chime Cash Back Doesn’t Work, What Could Be Causing the Problem? 

There is a possibility that your cash back option doesn’t work – why can this happen? There are a few reasons which I will list down below, but let me say that none of them are anything serious – you can easily fix the issue once you figure out what exactly is going on. 

  • Your credit card isn’t enabled for transactions. 
  • Your account balance is positive, so your cash back option isn’t activated yet. 
  • You requested a cash back which is higher than the store’s cash back limit. 
  • You have exceeded the Spot Me limit. 
  • You have requested cash back that would exceed your Spot Me limit. 
  • You didn’t enable the Spot Me option on your Chime app. 

Chime Has an Excellent Fee-Free ATM Network 

There is a network of more than 60,000 fee-free ATMs where you can conduct transactions with your Chime credit card. You can easily find the nearest ATM with your Chime app – just take a look at the bottom right corner, where you can see an ATM Map. Here are some features you should be aware of regarding the withdrawals – check out the table below. 

Chime ATM daily limit $500 per day, no fees
Out-of-network ATM withdrawal $2.50 fee + what the outside provider charges
Bank withdrawals $2.50 fee for a limit of $500,000 per day 
Making deposits at a Chime ATM Not available 
Using an ATM without a physical card presentNot available 

Chime Has a Wide Variety of Great Banking Services

As you can see, Chime offers a cash back option to its clients, and this can be a great way to get a little something out of your credit card spending.

Still, I’ve mentioned that it is necessary to have a positive balance on your account at the end of the month if you want to avoid paying the interest that would make the cash back totally pointless – you would be losing money, essentially.

But if you know how to organize your budget and plan well, there’s no reason why the cash back features on your Chime Spot me can’t be a great thing.