Can You Load A Cash App Card?

Cash App officially released its Cash Card in 2017. It has become well known due to its relative ease of use, fee-free overdraft, and its ability to be used anywhere in the United States that takes credit card payments. Any verified user with a Cash App account can apply for one of these cards and receive one in the mail free of charge. 

But, can you load a Cash App card? You can load your Cash App card with a debit card or bank account. When you first sign up for the Cash App, you’ll be asked to input your bank information. This will allow you to use your Cash App as a direct deposit for your paycheck or as a way to send and receive money with others.

Additionally, you can use your Cash App card to make purchases in-store and online.

Below, I’m going to give you a detailed guide on how to load your Cash Card and which methods are easiest so you can start taking full advantage of your Cash App card, wherever you are. 

Loading A Cash App Card

When most people think of Cash App, they think of the convenient green-looking application used by millions to send money to each other quickly. However, when Square Payments launched Cash App in 2013, the company had even bigger dreams. 

They wanted to create a service that could fully compete with Google Pay and Apple Pay (their only competition at the time). This meant that they would need to provide their own card. So, they released the Cash Card in 2017 that allowed users to spend their Cash App account balance with a convenient, easy-to-use debit card. 

You don’t exactly “load” your Cash Card the same way you would load standard pre-paid cards. Instead, you transfer money into your Cash App balance, which can then either be spent in-app or on your card, depending on what’s more convenient. Let’s take a look! 

Load Your Cash Card At Any ATM

One of the easiest ways to load your Cash App card is just to use an ATM. You can go to any ATM in the U.S. and add cash to your Cash App balance [even if you don’t have a bank account]!

All you need to do is insert your card into the ATM, enter your PIN, and then feed it a stack of bills. Within minutes, the money will be available in your Cash App balance, and you’ll be able to spend it on your card. Since we’re on the topic, you can also withdraw cash from your balance at the same ATM! Whether you’re depositing or withdrawing, Cash App charges a flat-rate of $2 per ATM transaction, making it a good bit cheaper than most debit card ATM fees. 

Link Your Credit or Debit Card

Loading your Cash App balance with your existing debit or credit card is another easy way to put money on your account. All you need is an active credit or debit card that works on the Visa, American Express, Mastercard, or Discover network (which is most cards). You can also use [pre-paid debit cards purchased from the convenience store] with cash.

The main benefit of using a card to transfer the balance into your Cash App account is that it’s free. While ATM deposits require you to pay a $2 fee, card transfers are 100% free if you’re loading your Cash App card. The only time you’ll ever have to pay is if you’re instant-transferring money from your Cash App balance onto another card, and even then, the fee is only 1%. 

Link Your Bank Account

Although this method takes the longest amount of time to set up, linking your checking account to your Cash App account is, by far, the most reliable way of loading money onto your Cash App card. To add your bank account information, go under the ‘Banking’ tab, select ‘Linked Accounts,’ and then ‘+ New Bank Account.’ 

You’ll be temporarily redirected to Plaid, which encrypts the session (making it secure), and asks you to select which bank you use and login to your online account. Once they verify that it’s you, you’ll be able to easily send money to and from your Cash App account and your personal checking account. 

Get Other Cash App Users To Send You Money

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to go through all of the trouble of punching in card numbers and going to the ATM, then there’s an even easier method. All you need to do is find another Cash App user. Simply give them the cash and then ask them to send the money directly to your account. 

This method doesn’t require you to spend any money on fees, and the money will be available for you to spend instantly. Just make sure that you trust the other person to not run off with your money and to actually send it to your account. 

Can I Add Money To My Cash App Card With My Unemployment Debit Card?

If you’ve been issued an unemployment debit card (EDD), then you can absolutely use it to load your Cash App card! Since all unemployment debit cards use Visa or Mastercard, they’re compatible with Cash App’s requirements. 

Can You Send Money From Venmo To Cash App?

Cash App’s top competitor, Venmo, was created in 2009, four years before Cash App. That being said, a lot of people are still using Venmo as well.

Although it would certainly be nice to quickly transfer your Venmo balance to your Cash App account and Cash Card, unfortunately, you cannot. This is most likely because they’re strong competitors.

Can I Add Money To My Cash App Card In A Store?

Although there’s no specific store that allows you to instantly add money to your Cash Card, many convenience stores have in-store ATMs that you can use to load money onto your Cash Card quickly.