Can You Venmo to Apple Pay?

It seems like every day a new payment method is emerging. Venmo and Apple Pay are two of the most popular, but can you use them interchangeably?

Can you Venmo to Apple Pay? You can’t Venmo to Apple Pay. Apple Pay is not able to be added as a bank on the Venmo app.

How about Apple Wallet? Can you Venmo to an Apple Wallet? You cannot Venmo to an Apple Wallet. Venmo is a mobile payment service used to make and share payments with friends. Apple Wallet is a mobile app that stores credit and debit cards, boarding passes, tickets, rewards cards, and more. They are two separate applications.

Nevertheless, there is a way to get money to Apply Pay involving Venmo, as long as you have a real bank account in the USA. The bank serves as the go-between and therefore allows you to send money to Apple Pay.

The idea of Venmo is to be able to move money between two parties quickly or purchase goods and services.

However, you can only send money to Apple Pay if you have an existing US bank account. Make sure your Venmo account is also linked to this bank account. 

To transfer money from Venmo to your bank, you need to make sure that your Venmo account is linked to your US bank account. Here is a list of ways to pay people without Venmo.

Can You Venmo to Apple Pay?

These days, many people are moving over to digital wallets due to their ease and convenience. It is up to you to decide which one you prefer and when to use each one.

Although you can not directly Venmo to Apple Pay, you can send it indirectly using your US bank account. It is all about moving money from one digital wallet to another. The bank serves as the go-between and therefore allows you to send money to Apple Pay.

Both Venmo and Apple Pay are financial accounts where you can keep funds, send money and track your account history.

Zelle is another app that falls into this category, and it’s one you may want to consider using. Zelle allows you to send money to someone without having to share your bank account or routing number.

Follow these steps below to move your balance in Venmo over to Apple Pay.

Step-by-Step: How to Venmo Apple Play

If you want to send money from one of these digital wallets to the other, you need to have a US bank account serve as the intermediary. You should note that without a US bank account, it is not possible.

  1. Add your bank account to Apple Pay.
  2. Make sure this same account is added to your Venmo.
  3. Transfer money from Venmo to your bank.
  4. Move that money from your bank to Apple Pay.

Using Apple Pay on Venmo

To add money to your Apple Pay Cash card, following the next steps.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on “Wallet” & “Apple Pay.”
  3. Select “Apple Pay Cash.”
  4. Add the amount of money desired.

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Why Use Digital Wallets?

Many believe digital wallets are the best option to use for making purchases now and in the future. Without a doubt, our current society seems to be all about becoming a culture using digital currency. 

During the Covid pandemic, the fear of spreading germs motivated users to use a digital wallet.

Here are the top advantages and disadvantages of using digital wallets over actual ones kept in your purse or pocket to keep you in the loop.

Then you can decide if the pros outweigh the cons for yourself.

The Pros

  • Using them is like using cash or a debit card. Transactions are virtual and completed in an instant.
  • You can send money to friends, family and retailers with a tap.
  • Alternatively, there is never the issue of forgetting your money at home.
  • There is more security to enter your phone than a regular wallet. Therefore, in this sense, an E-wallet is safer.
  • Every day there are more and more merchants using accepting this type of currency.
  • It is cost-efficient. There are free options within the service.

The Cons

  • Sending data across mobile networks isn’t always secure.
  • If you lose your phone and someone can get through the security features, they will access your digital wallets.
  • Venmo isn’t available outside of the US, and Apple Pay is only accepted internationally at businesses that accept Discover cards.
  • Undoubtedly, your cell phone must have a battery!
  • Furthermore, there are a limited amount of retail supporters, although this seems to be regularly increasing.
  • Digital wallet users can have an option not to share SSN

More Info about these Digital Wallets

What else should you know about these services? Here are some more facts for you to review.

  • Indeed, they are both peer-to-peer mobile apps.
  • Venmo had 50 million active users as of July 2021 in the USA.
  • As of Aug 2021, there were over 383 million Apple pay users worldwide.
  • Apple Pay and Venmo are located at the top of the ‘most secure digital wallets’ list.
  • Apple users should use Apple Pay. If you are an Android user, then Venmo is what you should use.
  • According to Finances Online, Venmo has a SmartScore of 9.1 while Apple Pay has one of 9.9.
  • As of Aug 2021, Cash App is more popular than Venmo. Cash App has a net worth of $60 billion while Venmo has one of $25 billion.