What Is The Routing Number For Chime Bank? 

Are you looking for the routing number for Chime Bank? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Chime Bank’s routing number and how to use it.

So, what is the routing number for Chime Bank?

The routing number for Chime bank is either 031101279 or 103100195 depending on which institution services your Chime bank account.

  • Chime Bancorp Routing Number: 031101279
  • Chime Stride Bank Routing Number: 103100195

Today, I’m going to explain a little bit more about how Chime bank works, show you exactly how to find your Chime routing number and account information, and answer a few of the other commonly asked questions regarding the digital banking service! 

The Routing Number For Chime Bank 

The routing number of your bank account is a number that is unique to each financial institution and is used to identify which bank funds are being deposited to.

The easiest way to explain a routing number is by using one of the most common things you know about- phone numbers

Let’s say that you’re calling a large corporate company. That company has one single phone number. However, if you want to reach specific employees in their personal offices, you’ll also need to dial an extension, which will direct your call to the phone in that individual’s office. 

Bank routing and account numbers function similarly.

Think of the routing number as the main phone number for the main building; it connects you to the company. Now, think of your account number as the extension to a specific office within the building. 

The routing number tells the system, “transfer funds into [x-bank].”

The account number tells the system, “transfer funds into [x-account] at the bank.”

The Bancorp Bank

Bancorp is a private-label bank that operates out of Deleware. They handle the back-end part of banking, while Chime handles the front-end user experience of banking.

If your Chime account is operated by Bancorp Bank, then your routing number will be: 031101279

Stride Bank, N.A.

Stride Bank, N.A. is older than Bancorp and was founded in 1913 in the state of Oklahoma. Like Bancorp, they also provide private-label banking services and are Chime’s second banking partner.

If your Chime account is operated by Stride Bank, N.A., then your routing number will be: 103100195.

How To Find The Routing Number For Chime

To find the routing number for Chime, you’ll first need to log into your account online or on your smartphone application.

Select your spending or savings account.

Then, open up the tab that says ‘Move Money.’ Next, select the option that says ‘Direct Deposit.’

This will allow you to view all of the information needed to complete a direct deposit into your account, including your routing number!

It should also tell you which partner bank Chime is using to manage your account. 

Chime Bank Explained

Chime is a very interesting concept when compared to other more traditional banks such as Bank of America or Wells Fargo.

Traditional banks are financial institutions in and of themselves. They have their own corporate centers, brick-and-mortar banks, ATM machines, and they fund loans and credit accounts with their money. 

On the other hand, Chime partners with two different banks- The Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank, N.A. Chime provides a simple, easy-to-use platform that connects new users to one of the two large banking institutions.

Although your account is managed entirely by Chime, one of these two partner banks actually controls your money. 

The Chime mobile app and online banking platform are both sleek and easy-to-use, making it simple to keep track of your account activity and transactions.

And, one of the best features of Chime is their Credit Builder program. This program helps you build your credit history and score by providing you with a secured credit card.

Chime also offers an amazing service called SpotMe that is similar to an overdraft facility offered by traditional banks.

What Is The Account Number For Chime Bank? 

Bank account numbers are unique to each user and are considered private information. Never give anybody your account number or post it online.

To find your Chime account number, follow the same instructions above that you used to find your routing number.

The account number should be listed directly below your Chime routing number. 

Can I Deposit My Stimulus Check In My Chime Bank? 

One of the main reasons so many people have been trying to find their Chime routing and account numbers is that the next round of stimulus checks is set to be released in the next month or two.

If you’ve previously filed your income taxes using your Chime bank account, then the IRS will have your account information on-hand and will direct-deposit it into your account. 

If you did not participate in e-file last year, then you’ll have a physical check mailed out to your home address. This check can then be signed and deposited into any ATM by using your Chime bank debit card. 

Can I Delete Chime Transactions? 

Although it is a digital bank, you cannot delete Chime bank transactions or history. Banks are legally required to keep a record of all transactions.

The only way to remove a transaction from your history is to dispute the charge and claim it as fraudulent.

Does Chime Charge ATM Fees? 

Chime has a network of over 38,000 fee-free ATMs that you can use all over the United States. According to them, this is larger than almost any traditional bank’s ATM network.

If you use an out-of-network ATM, then you’ll be subject to a $2.50 surcharge. 

Can I Use Chime With Cash App And Money Transfer Services? 

Yes! As with any other bank, you can easily link your Chime bank account to Cash App or Venmo and use these apps to quickly transfer money from your Chime account to other people.

If you don’t want to give Cash App your bank account information, then you can link your Chime debit card instead.