Understanding Unsettled Cash in Webull

Navigating your investments on Webull, you might have stumbled upon the term “unsettled cash” and its impact on your trading abilities. Unsettled funds typically involve money from recent sales that hasn’t yet completed the required two-day settlement period.

This article will equip you with practical insights into managing unsettled cash efficiently, ensuring a smooth trading experience without pitfalls. Dive in to unlock the secrets of settled versus unsettled cash!

What is Unsettled Cash?

Moving on from the overview, let’s delve into what unsettled cash actually is. Unsettled cash represents money from a trade that hasn’t officially landed in your Webull account just yet.

When you sell stocks or other securities, the cash you earn doesn’t become available for use immediately because of a mandatory two-day settlement period known as T+2. During this time, although the sale is complete and the funds appear in your account, they’re still processing and can’t be used to make new purchases.

The concept of unsettled cash extends beyond sales proceeds; it includes recent deposits too. When you transfer funds to your Webull account, there’s usually a waiting period before that money becomes part of your accessible buying power.

This means both selling assets and depositing money into your account could temporarily limit your trading activities due to these settlement period restrictions. It’s crucial for traders using a cash account on Webull to comprehend these limitations because without settled funds, engaging in further trades within this timeframe isn’t possible without facing certain constraints or penalties.

How Does Unsettled Cash Work in Webull?

After discussing what unsettled cash is, let’s dive into its functionality on Webull. Unsettled funds emerge from recent stock sales or are pending from an ACH deposit. These funds display in your account balance, but they’re not quite ready for use.

When you sell a stock, the proceeds are labeled as unsettled because there’s a standard two-day “settlement period” during which the securities and cash officially change hands. For example, if you sell shares of stock on Monday, those funds won’t be considered settled until Wednesday.

This waiting period ensures all parties involved in the transaction fulfill their obligations properly. It’s also to comply with regulatory requirements that protect both investors and brokers against unforeseen financial risks or potential abuses within trading practices.

Keep in mind that trying to make new purchases with unsettled funds can result in a Good Faith Violation (GFV). This happens when you buy securities using unsettled cash and then sell them before the initial sale has settled—meaning it’s critical to keep track of settlement dates to avoid trading restrictions or penalties on your account.

Why Does Webull Have Unsettled Cash?

Unsettled cash in Webull occurs because of the mandatory settlement period imposed by investment regulations. This period is a security measure, ensuring all parties involved in a transaction properly process and verify the trade.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires this time frame to prevent accounting errors and fraudulent activities.

Webull adheres to these rules just like any other brokerage firm. When you sell securities, the funds from that sale are not instantly available for use; they’re considered unsettled cash until the standard two-day settlement period has passed.

This protects both investors and market integrity by allowing adequate time for all transactions to be completed accurately. Understanding this concept helps traders comply with cash account regulations and avoid penalties such as Good Faith Violations, which occur when new trades are made with unsettled funds.

The Difference Between Settled and Unsettled Cash

When funds from a trade are settled, they become available for immediate trading. On the other hand, unsettled funds take two days to become settled. Unsettled funds represent the proceeds made by selling securities; however, until they are settled, the money does not belong to the investor.

For example, using unsettled funds in a cash account to buy stock and then liquidating the position before the settlement date of the sale would result in a Good Faith Violation (GFV).

Additionally, options trading cannot be done with unsettled funds as it takes about four business days for them to settle.

How Long Does It Take for Money to Settle in Webull?

Trades placed in a cash account on Webull settle within one or two business days. If you’re making an ACH transfer, funds take approximately 4 business days to settle. For stock trades, settlement typically occurs two business days after the day the order executes, also known as T+2.

Keep in mind that using unsettled funds for trading activities can result in Good-Faith Violations (GFV) and may lead to restrictions on your account. After three violations within 12 months, your account will be restricted to using settled cash only for trading purposes.

Can You Use Unsettled Cash in Webull?

Unsettled cash in Webull allows you to trade stocks and ETFs, but not options. It takes two business days for the unsettled funds from liquidated positions to settle into your account, and during this period, they cannot be used for trading options.

With a cash account on Webull, settled and unsettled funds can be used without limitation for day trading on stocks and ETFs.

By default, when you deposit funds via ACH transfer in a cash account, these funds are considered unsettled until four business days have passed since the initiation of the deposit.

During this time frame, you won’t have access to leverage or margin beyond what’s available with your existing settled funds.

What Happens If You Use Unsettled Cash on Webull?

Using unsettled cash on Webull can result in a Good Faith Violation, especially when buying or selling stocks with proceeds that have not yet settled. This violation could limit your ability to trade for 90 days if it occurs multiple times within a short period.

Additionally, trading options with funds from recent deposits may lead to issues as these funds take around four business days to settle after an ACH deposit, potentially causing further trading restrictions.

Liquidating positions purchased with unsettled cash within a cash account can also trigger a Good Faith Violation and discrepancies in buying power, impacting your ability to make new trades until the unsettled funds have settled.

It’s important to understand the consequences of using unsettled cash on Webull and adhere to the platform’s regulations regarding fund settlement and use.

How to Avoid Using Unsettled Funds on Webull

To avoid facing account restrictions or Good Faith Violations, follow these steps to ensure you are not using unsettled funds when trading on Webull:

  1. Wait for the settlement date before liquidating any positions purchased with unsettled funds.
  2. Keep track of the settlement dates and trade only with settled funds to prevent options trading limitations.
  3. Be aware that leverage is not available for cash accounts, so ensure you have sufficient settled funds for trading activities.
  4. Verify the availability of settled funds before making any trade to avoid any ACH deposit – related restrictions.
  5. Plan your trades carefully to prevent triggering liquidation and settlement issues due to unsettled cash usage.

The Impact of Using Unsettled Funds on Your Trading Activities

Using unsettled funds can have a significant impact on your trading activities in Webull. When you make trades with funds that have not yet settled, it can lead to restrictions and limitations on your account.

This could result in a Good Faith Violation (GFV) if you liquidate a position funded by unsettled funds before the settlement date, leading to trading restrictions. Additionally, utilizing unsettled cash might leave you with insufficient buying power despite having an available cash balance due to the presence of unsettled funds from liquidated positions.

Unauthorized use of unsettled funds may affect your ability to execute further trades and manage your portfolio effectively. It’s essential to be mindful of the settlement status of your funds when engaging in trading activities on Webull, as neglecting this aspect could lead to unintended consequences that hinder your investment strategies.

Tips for Managing Your Unsettled Funds on Webull

When managing your unsettled funds on Webull, consider the following tips:

  1. Monitor Your Cash and Settled Funds: Keep track of your cash and settled funds to avoid unintentional violations.
  2. Utilize Settled Funds for Trading: Prioritize using settled funds for trading to avoid penalties and restrictions associated with unsettled funds.
  3. Plan Your Trades Carefully: Strategically plan your trades to ensure that you do not inadvertently use unsettled funds.
  4. Stay Informed About Settlement Timelines: Understand the specific timelines for settling funds after transactions to make informed trading decisions.
  5. Avoid Frequent Liquidation of Positions: Minimize liquidating positions bought with unsettled cash to prevent extended settlement periods and potential violations.
  6. Leverage Webull’s Resources: Take advantage of educational resources provided by Webull to enhance your understanding of cash settlement regulations.
  7. Seek Guidance from Customer Support: Reach out to Webull’s customer support team if you have any questions or concerns regarding unsettled cash management.


1. What is unsettled cash in Webull?

Unsettled cash refers to the funds from a stock sale that have not yet settled and can’t be withdrawn or used for new purchases.

2. How long does it take for cash to settle in Webull after a stock sale?

It typically takes 2 business days for the cash from a stock sale to settle in your Webull account.

3. Can I use unsettled cash to buy more stocks in Webull?

No, unsettled cash cannot be used for new stock purchases until it has fully settled.

4. Can I withdraw unsettled cash from my Webull account?

No, you cannot withdraw or transfer unsettled cash out of your Webull account until it has completed the settlement process.

5. Are there any restrictions on trading with unsettled funds in Webull?

Yes, you are limited to selling trades using these funds until they have completely settled into your account.