What Is Unsettled Cash on Webull?

Are you new to Webull and wondering what unsettled cash is? Cash in a brokerage account is considered unsettled until the funds have cleared, which can take a few days.

What is unsettled cash on Webull?  Unsettled cash in Webull is the proceeds of the sale of a security that have not yet been deposited in your account. This delay is due to the two-day settlement period that is used by most online brokers. It’s important to note that this unsettled cash is not a reflection of your account balance and you will still be able to trade normally once the deposit is in your account.

In this blog post, we’ll explain how long you can expect unsettled cash to take on Webull.

Unsettled Cash & The T+2 Settlement

There are laws and regulations governing every action and process undertaken by market participants.

Under Federal Reserve Board Regulation T, securities transactions in a cash account must be paid for in full. By the end of the settlement period, a buyer must have paid for the trade completely and the seller must have delivered the security.

Till 2017, the settlement period was 3 days long which means the proceeds from the sale of securities became available after 3 days of the trade.

In actual practice, market participants work with borrowed funds or securities to carry out their trading activities. The regulations provide for accommodating these practical considerations for larger and smoother participation of a larger spectrum.

Therefore, in the present circumstances, where paperless shares are traded using fast computer networks over stock exchanges moving funds and securities instantly between accounts T+2 settlement cycle is in place.

So, how long does Webull take to settle funds? Webull takes two business days to settle funds. This is due to the fact that Webull is a brokerage firm and must transfer funds between different financial institutions in order to complete a trade.

In the past when payments were not instantaneous as today and shares were not held in dematerialized form, there was a delay in completion of the trade from the date of initiation. The obligations of the seller and buyer were fully met only after receipt of funds and delivery of the securities.

To ensure the formal completion of the trade is recognized by all parties (seller, buyer, clearing agency), it was required to wait for all actions to be completed. 

Additionally, the party with an obligation to make payment had some time available to make full payment (having initiated the trade with margin money in some cases).

How Long Does Unsettled Cash Take On Webull?

As an active investor, you’re always looking for ways to make the most of your money. So when you come across a new investment platform like Webull, you want to know how it works and whether it’s worth your time.

One of the first questions you’ll probably ask is: how long does unsettled cash take on Webull?

Here’s what you need to know about Webull and unsettled cash…

Unsettled cash takes two business days on Webull. When you sell a stock, the proceeds from the sale are credited to your account at settlement.

The exception is for stocks that are sold “short.” Short selling is when you sell a stock you do not own and hope to buy the same stock back at a lower price so you can have it delivered to the buyer and keep the difference as profit.

In this case, the proceeds from the short sale are transferred immediately to your margin account.

Trading With Unsettled Funds on Webull

You may have noticed that when you sell a stock on Webull, the proceeds from the sale are initially categorized as “unsettled funds.” This can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you’re looking to immediately reinvest those funds.

Can you trade with unsettled funds on Webull? You can trade with unsettled funds on Webull. However, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind. You won’t be able to buy or sell certain securities until the funds have settled, and you may be subject to a day-trading limit if you make too many trades in a short period of time.

You can learn more about the day trading limitations here.

Additionally, your broker may require you to wait for funds to settle before withdrawing them from your account.

However, if you liquidate your position, you will have a good faith violation.

A good faith violation is when an investor sells or shorts a security before the settlement date and fails to deliver the security to the buyer or lender.

This generally happens because the seller doesn’t have the securities in his or her account to deliver. The buyer or lender can then file a claim with FINRA for damages.

Good Faith Violations on Webull

A Good-Faith Violation is when you liquidate stocks bought with unsettled funds. This term usually applies to margin accounts, where the broker has lent you money to buy shares.

If you sell the stock before the funds from the sale have been received by the brokerage, it’s called a “good-faith violation.”

A good-faith violation can also occur if you’re using a short sale to cover a previous long position.

In this case, you would be buying back shares that you’d previously sold (and still owed money on). If you sold those shares before the proceeds from the sale had been deposited in your account, it would also be considered a good-faith violation.

On Webull, a GFV occurs when you liquidate stocks that were bought with unsettled proceeds. No cash deposit or stock liquidation will alleviate the violation.

Each Good-Faith Violation will stand in your account for 12 months and automatically expire on the 13th month.

After the third GFV occurs, the account’s buying power will be restricted to settled funds only. Selling positions will no longer increase buying power until it settles (T+2).

After 4 violations, your account will be restricted for 90 days.

After 5 violations, your account will be closed for 90 days.

The key thing to remember is that the GFV is a serious violation and should be avoided if at all possible.


How Does Settled Cash Affect Buying Power

The funds added from your bank to your Webull account plus the proceeds from your fully settled sale trades are the settled cash

In the case of a cash account, the total value of settled cash is your buying power. This becomes the basis of the calculation of your buying power in the case of margin accounts.

Settled cash is the pure buying power available to you. This is irrespective of the type of account.

In the case of margin accounts, the additional buying power is based on the margin-approved securities in your account. 

Can I Trade Options With Unsettled Funds From My Deposit?

No, you cannot trade options with unsettled funds from your deposit. In case you are using the ACH deposits for your investments, such transactions will be completed in five business days and the funds will settle within this duration.

If your account is in good standing, you will receive access to your funds (up to $1,000). These access funds are your provisional buying power and you can trade stocks and ETFs using it.

You should understand that you cannot trade in options using this buying power your account has earned. You need to wait for your unsettled deposits to fully settle.  Once fully settled funds are reflected in your account you can go ahead and trade in options.

What Precautions Are Recommended Trading While if There Is Unsettled Cash In Your Account?

It is recommended to protect yourself from adverse actions on your trading account by being careful with unsettled cash. This relates to making inadvertent mistakes causing Good Faith Violation (GFV) which leads to restrictions on the account.

 Consider the following scenario,

  • On Monday you sell shares of A for which settlement will be done on Wednesday. There is unsettled cash of say $200 in your account after this trade.
  • Later on Monday, you buy shares of B with $200
  • Now, before the settlement of Monday trade, that is before Wednesday, if shares of B are sold, then you fulfill conditions of GFV.
  • However, if you sell shares of B on Wednesday, there is no GFV.

You can use the funds to take new trades with unsettled cash with the understanding that the new trade will not be closed before the settlement of the original trade that created the unsettled cash in your account.

  • A GFV remains in your account for 12 months with an automatic expiry in the 13th month. After 3rd GFV restrictions are placed on your account so that you can trade with settled funds only. 
  • 4th GFV leads to a 90 days restriction on the account. 
  • Further FGV leads to freezing of account for 90 days.

It is recommended to keep a close watch on the alerts and your buying power while taking all trades. 

Is There Any Way to Use Unsettled Cash Before Settlement?

In the case of margin accounts, the unsettled cash is available immediately for trades. As compared to the cash account, all potential violations related to settlement cycles are avoided. 

In the case of cash accounts, it is very important to remain alert to possible violations. Such violations can have potentially detrimental effects on access and facilities on the account.


Investing on Webull is simple and straightforward. You can invest with unsettled funds, but you’ll need to be aware of the restrictions that come along with this option.

For an investor who wants to liquidate a position quickly or trade frequently without waiting for settled cash, investing on Webull may not be best for them.

However, if you’re looking for a long-term investment and are willing to wait for the funds to settle, Webull is a great option.