How Do I Lock My Cash App?

As one of the leading money transfer apps in the world, Cash App is something many people use on a daily basis. And since so many transactions and valuable information are shared through this app, it would be wise to take additional steps to secure your account. If you wonder, “how do I lock my cash app” I will explain in this article.

To lock your Cash App, you need to go on the “Privacy & Security” option, then click on the “Security Lock on” option, and finally enter your pin code or Touch ID. This way, anytime you try to enter the app, you will be asked to provide a fingerprint or pin code.

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There are several other additional security steps you can take to fully protect your Cash App account and the information and money on that account. Here is how to do it.

Why You Should Lock Your Cash App?

Even though there are slim chances that someone will hack your Cash App account, it would be good to have extra security on all phone apps that contain sensitive information, especially apps that are linked to your bank account. As you know, you can use Cash App without a card, so in theory, someone could transfer money from Cash App to Apple Pay or some other account and steal your money this way. To prevent easy theft, you should put a pin on your Cash App. This is just a simple way to make life a bit harder for anybody trying to enter your Cash App. 

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How to Set Up Pin on Your Cash App?

Setting up a pin on your cash app is pretty simple, just like setting up the pin on your phone. You can put in a PIN code or Touch ID or Face ID, or you can even use a combination of these options. Probably the best is to use Touch ID and PIN combined, so in case one is not working, the other option will work just fine. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to put a PIN on your Cash App:

  • Step 1 – Go to Cash App on your phone.
  • Step 2 – Click on Privacy & Security option.
  • Step 3 – Choose the “Security Lock on” option.
  • Step 4 – Enter the PIN of Touch ID.

What Happens if You Forget Your Pin?

It can easily happen that you forget your Cash App PIN, but luckily, adding a new PIN is pretty easy, so if you forget it, it shouldn’t take too much of your time. If you don’t know your PIN, just go on the “Forget PIN” option, and the app should send a verification code to your e-mail address. You will have to enter this code and reenter your new PIN. This way your PIN will be changed, and you will be able to use the App.

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You Can Also Lock Your Cash App Card

Once you have verified your Cash App, you will see that this app can be used for many transactions. For example, you can send and receive money from Venmo and other apps. But one of the things people like the most is the Cash App Card. Cash App Card can be loaded with money on ATMs and used as a regular credit card. However, this card is linked to your Cash App, so if it is stolen or lost, someone could withdraw money from your card. Even though you can cancel payments on Cash App, you can not stop direct withdrawals from ATMs. Here is how to Lock your Cash App Card.

Step 1Go on Cash App.
Step 2Click on the card icon.
Step 3Click on three dots and you’ll get a pop-up window.
Step 4Click on Enable Cash App Card to shut the card down completely.

What Happens When My Cash Card Is Locked?

If you lock your Cash App Card, you will, in essence, completely disable it from working, so no money deposit or withdrawal will be possible with this card anymore. You can reverse this process when necessary, and all the functions of the card will be restored and you will be able to deposit money in your Cash App account. The disabling option is best to be used immediately if you spot that some unusual transactions are happening on your account or if you see that your card is missing. You can easily order a new Cash App card once you cancel your old one and use the money on your app.

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Is Cash App Safe? 

As you may know, Cash App can not be traced in a matter of someone breaching into your account and getting personal information. Also, the Cash App asks for SSN numbers and other personal information in order to protect all users from any fraudulent activities. And there are many steps you can take to protect your account in case of theft or lost cards. In essence like any money transfer app Cash App is safe as much as your digital behavior is well-educated and you use all the necessary safety measures to protect all the data on your phone. As you know there are many ways hackers can enter your phone and bank account so you need to have strong passwords and multi-step verifications if you wish to make the job harder for the thieves.