Can I Withdraw Cash From the Cash App Card

Cash App is a handy solution for easy money transfer. You can use it to send or receive money directly from your phone. Since 2017, you can also apply to get a Cash Card, but what you’re probably wondering is – can I withdraw cash from the Cash App Card?

Can I withdraw cash from the Cash App Card? Owners of Cash App Card, known as Cash Card, can withdraw cash without any fee from ATMs located around the US. You can also use this card to make purchases and spend your Cash App balance at eligible retail stores.

A man withdrawing money from an ATM

The Cash App Card works just like any other debit card. Whenever you make a purchase with it or withdraw funds, the money is taken out of your Cash App balance.

Can I Withdraw Cash From the Cash App Card?

Cash App is a great way to transfer funds, make money or make purchases in a retail store just by using your phone. It’s easy to use, and it has a pretty straightforward interface. However, since 2017, the company that owns the app has decided to launch a card called Cash App Card or simply – Cash Card.

The users can utilize this card across the country at eligible retail locations, and additionally, the card can also be used at ATMs to withdraw from the account balance without paying a fee. Basically, this card can be used as any other debit one.

The Steps for Ordering This Card

If you have the Cash App installed and you use it regularly, perhaps it’s time to apply for their Cash Card. Here are the steps you should follow to order it:

  • Open the app on your smartphone.
  • Choose the Cash Card tab, placed at the screen’s lower end.
  • You should then tap the button labeled “GET FREE CASH CARD.”
  • You now have the option to pick the desired color and then tap “Continue.”
  • You can also choose whether or not your Cashtag will be visible on the card.
  • The next step is to leave your signature after you tap on the field that says “Tap to customize.”
  • Write your signature on the screen. Additionally, you can add a smiley face as a sort of stamp. Tap “Next.”
  • Fill in your address, and tap “Next.”
  • Confirm your full name that will be printed on the card.

It will take around ten business days for your card to arrive. In order to use it right away, just make sure you load money into your Cash App balance. The Cash Card will be ready to use once you activate it in the app.

Activate Your Card By Using the QR Code or Without It

Activating the card with the QR code is very simple and is done in just a few steps. Once you unlock the mobile device, you should launch the app and then tap the card icon at the bottom. Select “Activate Cash Card” next. The app will prompt you to use your phone camera to scan the code located on the Cash Card. Once the QR code is successfully scanned, the plastic will be activated and ready to use.

You can also activate it without the QR code. Once you’re in the app, tap the card icon and select “Activate Cash Card.” Since you won’t be scanning the code, don’t use your camera, but simply select “Missing QR code.” Tap “Use CVV Instead” and then enter the CVV code. Also, add the expiration date, which can be located on the card’s surface.

Withdraw Cash From Your Card on Any ATM in the US

Your Cash Card is easy to use, and you can make purchases at any retail that accepts Visa. However, if you want to withdraw some funds from your account balance and take cash, keep in mind that you will pay a fee. However, if you load at least $50 or more funds into your Cash Card deposit each month, Cash App will reimburse the ATM fee. You can add funds to your card at CVS or other eligible locations.

Additional Things to Know Regarding Your Card

If you want to be secure and prevent any inconvenient occurrences if you happen to misplace the physical card, you can add it to Google Pay or Apple Pay. You can also use the app to follow up on all transactions. Simply download your statement through your computer.

If you’ve momentarily lost your Cash App card, you can disable it in the Cash App. You can dispute any charges that show up on the list of transactions that seem suspicious to you by contacting Cash App support.

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How to Temporarily Lock Your Card or Dispute a Transaction

If you’ve misplaced your Cash Card or you believe it to be stolen, you can lock it through the app for a brief time. You can also dispute any issues with the support by following the instructions in the table below.

Temporarily Lock your Cash CardFile a Dispute
Select (tap) the Cash Card tabTap the Activity tab
Switch to Lock CardSelect the transaction you want to dispute
Unlock it with ease if you retrieve itTap on “Need Help & Cash App Support”
Select “Dispute this Transaction”

You can also contact support if you believe that your card has been stolen or irretrievably lost. That way, the card won’t be valid any longer, and you will be notified to order a replacement card.

Regularly Deposit Money Into Your Cash App Balance to Withdraw Without Fees

Cash App Card can be used in all retail locations throughout the US where Visa is accepted. You can also use it to withdraw money from any ATM in the country. Just keep in mind that you will pay a fee. However, if you make sure that you regularly deposit at least $50 to your account balance each month (you can do so at Dollar General or any other eligible location), Cash App will reimburse the ATM fee.