How to Activate Chime Card?

Have you recently become a Chime user? It might be overwhelming at first to learn all the ins and outs of using your card. But there’s no reason to worry. We’ll help you understand how to activate a Chime card and how to use it properly.

Fortunately, the process of activating the card is simple and quick. One can opt to do it over the phone, chat, or by using a Chime app or website. The last two options are the most convenient.

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How to Activate a Chime Card With the Help of a Chime App?

Most users opt for activating their cards by using the Chime app since it is very fast and convenient. Here is our step-by-step guide to activating the card>

  • First, you should open the application,
  • Enter your login information – email address and password,
  • Select the option “Card Status” – it’s the green button,
  • Finally, select the option “Activate the Card” – from this point on, your card is activated.

You are free to activate it as soon as you get one. But make sure to have the application on your phone. If you still don’t have the app, simply go to the App Store or Google Play store and download it.

It’s Important to Have the Chime App, and Here’s Why

Chime users need the application for a myriad of reasons and not only to activate their cards. One should download it so as to enjoy the benefits of mobile banking. It allows you to keep track of your purchases by sending transaction alerts and Chime deposits, while the daily notifications with the account balance will allow you to have a better understanding of your finances.

Bear in mind that a Chime card is not a credit card, so you will always see on the app how much you can withdraw from your account when shopping. It is only possible to overdraft your Chime account up to $200 with the help of the Spot Me program.

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How Can You Activate the Card Using the Website?

Individuals who prefer activating their cards by using their computers rather than their smartphones have the opportunity to do so through the website. The step-by-step instructions one should use are the following:

  • Open the web browser of your choice,
  • Go to the Chime website,
  • Find the option “Activate your card” and click on it,
  • Now, you should type in the CVV you have on the card,
  • Then, set the PIN,
  • Click on the option “Call Now”
  • You will see blank spaces where one needs to enter the PIN (it consists of 4 digits) and the verification code,
  • Finally, by clicking on the “Done” button, your card is activated.

This activation method is useful at times when the application doesn’t display the button for activating the card. It can be considered a fail-safe option. Once you complete the entire process, it will be possible to use the card at ATMs, stores and while shopping online.

What Should You Do if You Forget Your PIN?

Forgetting the PIN has happened to everyone, and Chime users are not an exception. In case you don’t remember what the PIN is after setting it, there is a way you can change it or find out what the correct number is. We advise calling customer support service immediately at the number 1-844-244-6363. You will be offered to reset the PIN so you can continue to use the card. Also, don’t forget to have the card by your side since the agents will need all information.

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Can You Activate the Card via Chime Chatbot? Yes, and Here’s How

An overwhelming number of applications offer their clients Chatbot services. It is a helpful automated support assistant that is designed to answer all of your questions. Sometimes it can work to your advantage, but other times you might need help navigating the particular Chatbot.

The best thing about them is that they are readily available any time of day or night. If you want to solve an issue that is common, the Chatbot will be of great use, and this is the case with Chime card activation. Simply access the chat by finding the option in the top right corner of your home screen and ask in the chat, “Activate my card.” Once you do this, your card will be activated.

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The Last Option Is to Use Your Phone

In case you are not a tech-savvy person and you’d rather talk to a live person, we recommend completing the process over the phone. All that is required is to call the support number, which is 1-844-244-6363. Tell the customer support agent that you’d like to have your card activated, and they can complete the process in a couple of minutes. It’s important to stress that their agents might not be available 24/7 and that you might need to call them a couple of times in order to get a response.

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Are You Able to Use the Card if It Hasn’t Arrived at Your Address Yet?

Eager to start shopping even though the card hasn’t arrived yet? Well, there is a convenient solution for this issue as well. The simple thing one can do is access the provisional digital card in the application. There is an option to add it to different wallets like Apple Pay. Consult our table with steps on how to find all the details of your temporary digital card.

Step 1Sing into the Chime application on your phone
Step 2Find the “Settings” button
Step 3By scrolling down, you will be able to find the option “Debit Card.” Then, select it.
Step 4Tap on the button ” View your card”
Step 5All the card details will be displayed so you can note down all the information and start using the digital version.

It’s vital to know that upon activating the physical card, you will not be allowed to use the digital one. The digital version is only temporary, designed to offer you Chime services before the physical card arrives at your address. Also, the numbers are going to match when you activate the physical version.

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Ready to Start Shopping and Using Chime?

With our easy-to-follow guide on activating Chime cards, there won’t be any mishaps during the process. All one needs to do is choose one suitable method and follow the instructions. Perhaps you find it easier to do it by using the application or the website, or maybe you think that it is convenient to do it over the phone or via chatbot. Select the method you feel most comfortable with and activate the card with ease.