What Time Does Chime Direct Deposit Hit?

If you’re like most people, you rely on direct deposit to get your paycheck. But when does that money actually hit your Chime bank account? Here’s what you need to know about Chime bank direct deposit timelines.

What time does Chime direct deposit hit? Chime direct deposits hit your bank account instantly on Monday through Friday. However, Chime bank does not process transactions on weekends or holidays, so those deposits will take a bit longer to show up in your account. Usually, you’ll see the funds deposited into your account by Tuesday or Wednesday if you receive them on a Friday or over the weekend.

Online banking is on the rise, and Chime is right in the middle of it. Since its founding in 2013, the financial company has grown steadily as more people embrace branchless banking.

Chime offers convenience and some unique features that most brick and mortar cannot, such as banking without fees, Chime Credit Builder, Chime SpotMe, support for apps like Cash App and more.

Thus, more people are becoming interested, especially the millennials.

Chime Direct Deposit 

Direct deposit serves to cut the wait time of your paycheck without the hassle of the paper checks going through online banks.

Here is more information about depositing checks into your Chime account.

How does the feature Work? 

With traditional banks, when a paycheck is released, users have to wait for the actual payday to get their money.

With direct deposit, you can get access to the funds earlier, which can be up to 2 days prior to when you were scheduled to receive them.

Furthermore, it eliminates the hassle of taking the check to the bank for deposit, thus also eliminating the risk of losing the check, damaging it, or having it stolen.

Here are some more ways to add money to Chime.

When to expect your direct deposit

Chime does not hold your money when you use direct deposit.

So, once they receive your paycheck, Chime will post your funds without any delays. For example, suppose your employer or benefits provider sends your paycheck early in the week, and you are usually paid on Fridays.

In that case, you can get your funds as early as Wednesday. Traditional banks will often hold on to your funds until the actual payday. 

However, Chime direct deposit also relies on the sender’s timing when initiating the payment to your Chime account.

Usually, chime deposits post between Monday and Friday all day.

But if the funds land on a Friday, there is a chance you might have to wait until Monday to receive them. 

It’s worth noting that when a direct deposit is initiated, Chime does not receive it instantly. Instead, it goes through processing which involves several mandatory steps.

Also, Chime does not usually know the stage the direct deposit is in the process until it arrives

Once it arrives, they post it to your account. Thus, when you expect a direct deposit in your chime account, and it is not there yet, you should confirm the time it was actually sent from the employer. 

Do holidays affect Direct Deposits? 

Yes. Just like during the weekends, Chime will not process deposits that arrive on holidays since they observe all bank and federal holidays. To be prepared, the holidays Chime celebrates include;

  • New Years-1st January  
  • Martin Luther King’s Birthday (MLK Day)-18th January 
  • Washington’s birthday-15th February
  • Memorial day- 31st May 
  • Independence day- 5th July 
  • Labor day-September 6th 
  • Indigenous people day- 11th October 
  • Veterans day- 11th November 
  • Thanksgiving day 25th November
  • Christmas day

So, a client will have to wait until the next day for the direct deposit to be processed unless the next day is on a weekend.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit 

Setting up direct deposit is not a complicated process, but you will require an account number and your routing number ready. This information is already in the Chime App under settings under the “Account information section.”

There are two ways you can set up your Chime direct deposit; 

  • Manually through the direct deposit form 
  • Automatically, using the employer’s portal. 


To do it manually, go to Settings on your Chime app and under account information, select “Setup Direct Deposit,” then 

  • Click on “Get deposit form” to receive the PDF version of the form
  • Open the PDF form on your Email
  • Head to the “Amount” section and check any of the three boxes, depending on your preference. You have a choice of whether to; Deposit the entire paycheck, Deposit a specific amount of the paycheck, or deposit a percentage of your paycheck. 
  • After choosing the amount of your paycheck, you want deposited, sign the bottom. 
  • Head to the authorization section and write the name of your employer. 
  • Sign it and forward it to the Human resources, manager, or payroll provider. 

Automatically Via the Employer Portal

With this method, you need to log into your employer/payment provider’s portal and update the payment method. Then;  

  • Enter the requested information in the portal 
  • Choose the amount of your paycheck you want to have deposited and save the changes. 
  • Confirm with your Human resources department or your manager that everything has been properly set up. 

The second method also applies to individuals who want to set up direct deposits for their unemployment benefits. The only difference is that one will have to use the government/ state portal instead of the payroll provider’s portal. 

Clients can also receive stimulus checks early using Chime direct deposit. All one would have to do is provide the IRS with your chime account number and the Routing number. But, Chime will not be able to track the status of the funds until they arrive. 

Final Thoughts 

Getting your paycheck earlier means you can spend your money or pay bills earlier. The feature is for individuals who want greater control over their money and don’t want to deal with physical checks. 

As we’ve seen, Chime gets you paid early while also saving you money on fees while you manage that money. The bank offers many attractive features which make it a good solution for people who don’t need physical locations.