Can Chime Overdraft?

If your checking account is running low, you may be tempted to overdraft in order to make ends meet. However, before you do, it’s important to understand the consequences of overdrafting. Chime can help you avoid overdraft fees and keep your finances on track.

Can Chime overdraft? Yes, you can overdraft up to $200 with Chime through the Spot Me program. If you attempted to make a purchase that would put your account balance negative, Chime will automatically approve the transaction for you up to $200. You will be charged a per-item Overdraft Fee of $35 for each item that posts to your account over the course of the next Business Day unless you bring your account back into good standing.

Overdraft on Chime With Spot Me

The Chime Debit card is fee-free, which is quite a departure from the banking industry, which charged overdraft fees totaling USD 11 billion in 2019.

In purely cash terms, Chime users who have up to $200 in direct deposits are eligible for overdraft benefits. This qualifies users for Spot Me benefits. The primary benefit for users is that they can manage their anxiety at the checkout counter. It stems from the assurance that purchases will not be harmed by the absence of available limits.

As you continue to use the Chime Debit Card, your overdraft limit increases to $200 from the initial $20. Chime reserves the right to adjust the limits in accordance with the types of fees listed here.

  • Overdraft fees are assessed on a per-occurrence basis for overdrawing from approved accounts.
  • Modifications to the Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees that apply when a bank declines a transaction due to insufficient funds in an account.
  • A fee for overdraft protection is assessed when funds are transferred from your savings account to cover an overdraft (providing protection).
  • These should be charged legally only if the account holder opts in.
  • If your account has a negative balance, you will be charged an extended overdraft fee.
  • It is prudent to remain informed of the current applicable limits and other alerts, which are conveniently available in the Chime mobile app. This enables users to plan and maximize the program’s potential.

Chime Spot Me Rules

The factors determining eligibility for Spot Me as an alternative to Overdraft include

  • Account History
  • Profile and activities of debit card users
  • Deposit amounts and frequency in the account
  • Other risk-based factors are relevantly used in the financial sector.

Spot Me charges overdraft fees ranging from $20 to $100 per allowed to happen an unlimited number of times in a month if your overdraft stays within your Spot Me account’s monthly limits.

Chime users who meet any of these requirements can apply for Spot Me for overdraft protection.

  • Receive a direct deposit of a minimum of $500 per month from the payroll.
  • Receive direct deposits of a minimum of $200 in the last 34 days.
  • Have monthly direct deposits of at least $200.

Chime Overdraft Fees

When a transaction exceeds the available balance in a checking account, a bank or credit card provider charges an overdraft fee. Insufficient funds may occur when a user

  • Pays bills online • Makes payments via check
  • Shop online or in a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Processes recurring automatic payments, such as subscription fees for a service. • Executes ACH transfers to other banks or accounts.
  • ATM withdrawals

Because Chime offers an overdraft facility, they do charge a fee. Monthly overdraft fees with Chime range from $20 to $200 for a $10,000 overdraft.

Fees are determined by the approval limit on your account.

Overdraft Chime at An ATM

Chime does not allow for overdrafts on ATM withdrawals, Pay Friends transfers, or ACH transfers. Additionally, direct debits and Chime Checkbook transactions are subject to the restriction.

The Chime overdraft facility is available only to customers who make purchases with their Chime debit card.


How Many Times Can I Overdraft Using Chime Spot Me?

Chime Spot Me allows for an unlimited number of overdrafts per month. However, there is a limit on overdrafts, which ranges from $20 to $200 without incurring an overdraft fee.

What Is The Chime Overdraft Protection Fee?

It is a fee paid in advance to safeguard against overdrafts while making a purchase.

It is a fee that you pay beforehand to protect you against overdrafts while making a purchase. You can pay an overdraft protection fee of:

  • Average around $35 per overdraft
  • Up to $12 can be used to transfer coverage amount.
  • Up to $50 for an overdraft line of credit.

Can I Overdraft Chime With No Money In My Account?

Yes, you can overdraft Chime with no money in your account for up to $200 worth of purchases with Spot Me.

Can I Avoid Overdraft Fees?

Yes, you can avoid overdraft fees by opting out and making purchases with your Chime card using only the balance in your checking account.

When Does Chime Spot Me Increase the Overdraft Limit?

Spot Me automatically increases your overdraft limit based on your account history and qualifying deposit.

If you have been a “good” customer in terms of paying your overdraft fee, Chime will “Spot You” and assist you while shopping, filling up with gas, or paying your restaurant bill.

Can I Overdraft My Chime Card For Gas?

Yes, the Chime card can be used to cover an overdraft on a gas purchase. You can start with as little as $20 and work your way up to $200 to give yourself a little breathing room if you’re facing a financial crunch.


Chime’s overdraft protection, Spot Me, can be a lifesaver for those times when you unexpectedly run out of money. This feature allows you to make up to $200 in purchases without any fees, so it’s perfect for those unexpected emergencies.

And if you do need to pay an overdraft fee, Chime’s rates are competitive with other banks.

So if you’re looking for a bank that won’t penalize you for an accidental overdraft, Chime is a great option.