10 Ways To Make Money With Cash App

Not long ago, if you wanted to send money to your friends or family, you would either have to take a trip to the ATM and withdraw cash, waste an hour in line trying to get a money order or wait days for a bank transfer to process. Now, you can use money-transfer apps like Cash App to quickly send and receive money in seconds. The best part is that it’s 100% fee-free! 

Making money with Cash App is incredibly easy. Whether you have a small personal brand, you want to start receiving tips, or you run a small business, Cash App makes getting paid as easy as 1-2-3. Additionally, you can also take advantage of their referral program, cash-back rewards, and their investment platform to generate extra income! 

Today, I’m going to give you a brief breakdown of 10 different ways that you can use Cash App to earn some extra income. From simple payment processing to investing in Bitcoin and the stock market, here’s everything you need to know about America’s most popular money app. 

10 Great Ways To Make Money With Cash App

Using Cash App is easy! Once you download the app, all you need to do is add your debit card information to start sending and receiving money. If you want to take advantage of money transfer limits, then you can verify your account by adding your personal details and linking your bank account to Cash App. 

Once you’re all set up, and your account has funding, you’re ready to start making some money! It’s time to start saving up for that summer vacation. 

#1- Refer Your Friends And Family

The easiest way to earn FREE money with Cash App is to start referring your friends and family to use the app. Invite them to use Cash App by sending them an invitation through your Cash App account. Once they sign up through your affiliate link and send at least $5 to somebody, you will also get paid $5 as a referral bonus! 

#2- Invest In The Stock Market With Cash App

In addition to Bitcoin, you’ll also be able to invest in the stock market! Although Cash App doesn’t have as many options as a larger investment platform like Robinhood or [Questrade], you’ll still be able to invest in some of the most popular stocks like Apple, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and others. 

#3- Get Cash-Back By Using Your Cash App Card

After you verify your Cash App account by linking your bank account to it, you’ll be able to ask them to send you a Cash App debit card. This will allow you to spend money from your Cash Balance or your Bitcoin balance. You’ll also be able to choose from a number of cash-back ‘Boosts’ that will give you free money when you buy from select merchants and vendors. 

#4- Invest Money For Your Friends

So, maybe you know a lot about the stock market, Bitcoin, and investing. However, your friends and family might not be quite as knowledgeable as you. As long as you’re honest and they trust their money with you, you could hypothetically invest their money for them and provide them with their percentage profits at the end of each month. 

#5- Invest In Bitcoin With Cash App

Apart from its money transfer services, Cash App also allows its users to invest in Bitcoin with the [Cash App investing platform]. To access this, click the ‘Investing’ tab beside the ‘$’ icon. Here, you’ll be able to buy and sell Bitcoin. The price of the cryptocurrency has more than doubled since November 2020, and some believe this is only the beginning! Buy it, hold it, and sell it later for a profit. 

#6- Sell Your Services With Cash App

Almost everybody has a hidden talent. Maybe you’re a great barber, you cook great tacos, or you can cut hedges with precision accuracy! Whatever it is, why not offer your services to others and tell them to pay you via Cash App? It’s contactless, quick, and fee-free, so it’s one of the best ways to get paid. 

#7- Open A Store Or Host A Pop-Up Shop

Small business owners can also take advantage of Cash App’s fee-free transactions. While you will still need a Point-of-Sale (POS) system to handle higher volume, you could easily host a pop-up shop and earn $500 in a day by taking payments through Cash App! 

#8- Use Cash App To Receive Tips

Whether you’re a bartender or sing at your local pub on the weekends, Cash App is, by far, one of the easiest ways to start getting tip money. The pandemic has resulted in a cash shortage, and many people prefer to avoid cash since it transfers germs easily. By accepting Cash App tips, you’ll be able to provide your fans with a quick, safe, and easy way to tip you. 

#9- Get Free Bitcoin With Your Cash App Card

In method #4, I mentioned that you could get cash-back benefits by applying ‘Boosts’ to your Cash App card. However, in addition to earning cash-back with select retailers, you can also earn free Bitcoin! Instead of selecting a cash-back boost, apply one of the Bitcoin boosts to your card. 

This will allow you to earn free “Bits” (fractional amounts of Bitcoin) based on how much you spend at Cash App’s partner vendors and merchants. 

#10- Do A Raffle With Cash App

For this one, you’ll want to double-check your state’s raffle laws. Currently, though, 47 states allow raffles to one degree or another (except for Hawaii, Utah, and Alabama). This is due to age-old gambling restrictions that are still in effect. 

Hosting a raffle is easy! As long as you know some people who are willing to participate in the raffle, you stand a good chance to profit from it. A lot of people did this when the PS5 was first released, but you could do it with just about anything valuable. 

For example, you could purchase a game system for $500 and then sell $10 raffle tickets to 100 people, using Cash App to accept and verify reservations/tickets. Randomly select one winner, and you just made a $500 profit! Rinse and repeat with various offerings and prizes.