What Is ID Number For Webull?

Are you looking for the ID number for Webull? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about the ID number for Webull.

What is ID Number for Webull? The ID number for Webull is the same as your country’s issued citizen ID number, such as a social security number (SSN) or passport. This number is used to verify your identity and account information. You can find your ID number by logging into your Webull account and going to the Personal Information section under Account Settings.

ID Numbers Required by Webull

The citizens of the US and a few other countries can use government-issued driver’s license, passport number or national ID card to provide ID number for Webull. 

Users may also choose any one of these documents as ID proof in Webull.

CountryWebull ID Number
USSocial Security Number
China18-digit Citizen Identity Number
IndiaAdhaar Card
Republic of Koreaunique Resident Registration Number 
JapanJapanese Residence Card (“Zairyu Card”) 
Turkey Republic of Turkey Identity Card (Kimlik Kartı)
Philippines Pambansang Pagkakakilanlan (Philippine Identification Card)
Brazil  Brazilian identity card (Cédula de identidade/ carteira de identidade)

Documents to be Uploaded for Webull Account

At the time of the creation of a Webull account, you need to upload scanned copies of any one of the following documents-

  • SSN (Social Security Number), Passport, national ID card, or driver’s license for US Citizens
  • Passport, national ID card, or driver’s license for Non-US citizens.

Personal Information Needed to Open Webull Account 

Users have to  download the Webull app and provide an email ID and Mobile number at the time of registration.  After successful registration, user must fill in the following data in the app to complete account profile before start trading.

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Details of dependents
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Country of Residence
  • Scanned copy of ID 
  • Employment details 
  • Security questions and answers

Webull app is seamlessly digital platform which provides a speedy registration process. Once the required data is filled in the account is verified and activated within 24 hours. Your credit score isn’t affected.

Webull Account Number

After registration, the subscriber gets a unique Webull account number. This is the Weibull  generated ID that will be used as ID in Webull System. It will be referenced in all the trading activities done in Webull by an account holder. 

Users can find the Webull Account number and the type of their account in the app. Follow these steps to know your Webull ID

  1. Open  Webull App and bring on the Home Screen by pressing on Webull logo placed at the bottom-middle of the current screen 
  2. Open “Details” next to “Total Account Value”
  3. The Account profile screen will appear. You can find your account number and account type at the top of this screen.


Why ID Proof is Required for Creating Webull Account? 

Webull complies with SEC and FINRA regulations. Under these regulations, a brokerage app or platform must verify the identification of the subscribers and check their credibility to make a fraud-free system of trading.

 In addition to the name, address, email id, and contact details users mandatorily provide a valid ID proof like SSN (social security number in the US).  

The Department of the Treasury and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) established the USA Patriot Act in 2003 to enforce this regulation to protect investors and online trading apps or platforms against money laundering and potential acts of terrorism.

The ID proof will help in preventing any unlawful act of fraud against the company or other subscribers, banks, or financial institutions involved in trading.

Is My Information like SSN or ID Safe in Webull?

Yes, users’ personal information like SSN or National ID Card number is safe with Webull. 

Webull is a secure app that prevents any kind of identity theft or online fraud against its clients by applying encryption and firewalls. So, all the subscriber data, including SSN,  is safe after registration with Webull.

Can I Update my ID after Registration?

You cannot change the ID in Webull since your account is verified using your submitted ID proof. Once verified you cannot update it. But if your ID is expired (like passport /driver’s license) then you can upload its latest scanned copy after it’s renewed. 

Webull does allow a subscriber to update the following personal data in the account profile.

  • contact number
  • email
  • addresses
  • expired ID picture
  • Employment background 

The updated changes will be visible within 1-3 business days. 

Can I Have Two Webull Accounts With Same ID?

Yes, a subscriber can have two accounts of different account types with the same ID. For example, if a user has opened a cash account then the next account can only be of margin type. The ID can be same. Webull generated Account Number will be different for each account of a user.

What is the Difference Between Webull Account Number and ID?

The ID is submitted by a user at the time of registration with Webull. It is a government-issued ID proof used to verify a new subscriber. On the other hand, Webull’s Account Number is the unique ID generated by Webull for a subscriber’s account that will be used in all trading transactions by the user.

This account number is used while communicating with the Webull customer care or to resolve any technical or account-related issues.