Is Webull Data Real-Time?

Since its inception, Webull has billed itself as a data-driven broker with real-time quotes and analytics. But is the data really real-time? In this post, we’ll take a look at the latency of Webull’s data and whether or not it meets investors’ expectations.

Is Webull real-time? Webull data is real-time. Webull offers both delayed and real-time quotes for stocks, ETFs, indices, options, and commodities. For most securities, real-time quotes are updated every five seconds. However, for some securities (such as penny stocks), quotes are updated every ten seconds.

Webull Real-Time Data Features

With Webull, you will receive real-time data in the form of charts and tables that allow for a more accurate decision making process when it comes to trading on different exchanges. Webull also provides market information about your investments so they can be monitored carefully at all times!

Webull app in both mobile and desktop versions offers a set of features that makes it an easy-to-learn and use platform. The following are the features of the Interface.

  • The desktop platform can be opened in a browser or can be installed on your desktop.
  • Advanced charts and  indicators using real-time stock data
  • It has various screeners to visualize insights and customization is possible to get a convenient view.
  • The mobile app also offers paper trading, price alerts, and voice command to get the maximum benefit from real-time data.
  • Webull provides the option to do real-time research and gather the needed data from market data options like Nasdaq Basic, Nasdaq TotalView & NBBO. The data presented helps users to analyze various companies and trends.

Webull Real-Time Data Sources 

Webull is a US-based broker-dealer and offers a user-friendly platform for trading. Webull is a member of FINRA, SIPC, NYSE, and NASDAQ.

Webull sources its real-time data from  Nasdaq TotalView, Reuters, Refinitiv, and Lipper. Nasdaq TotalView provides its data free for the first three months after account opening with Webull. After that, the subscriber has to get an extra subscription with a fee once this trial period is over.

Webull also provides real-time data of Level -1 and Level 2 like Toronto Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Singapore Stock Exchange. 

Webull also provides news, research, and analysis from third-party sources.

Free Webull Real-time Quotes

Webull offers real-time quotes for free for the US market. This is a great benefit for investors who want to stay up-to-date on the latest stock prices.

To get started, simply create an account and add the stocks or options you want to track. You’ll then be able to see real-time quotes for those stocks in your account.

Webull Delayed Quotes

Before you invest in a stock you must be able to know whether the data you are looking at is real-time or delayed. This is important for investing with minimum risks.

For day trading, this becomes even more important.

For this, you can click on a group of icons available in the Webull app  at the top right corner of a stock quotes page.

The presence of a lightning symbol indicates that the data is real-time.

Reliability of Webull Real Time Data

Webull clarifies through its official website that the market data and news information is sourced by third-party service providers on its Platform. Webull Technologies is not involved in the preparation, adoption, or editing of third-party content. 

Webull cautions its users to be careful to use this real-time data for their investment decisions.Webull says that third-party service provider never provides any advice or support trading based on this data. 

Webull also cautions that there is no guarantee about the accuracy and reliability of real-time data. 

Note: The users must take complete responsibility for the risk or consequence of their investment decisions and they also cannot claim any legal liability on Webull.

Webull Real Time Quotes of Different Exchanges and Regions

All Webull users can use the real-time market data from these exchanges. The data you can use is basic market data provided by Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv).

U.S.Nasdaq Stock Exchange
Hong KongHong Kong Stock Exchange
ChinaShenzhen Stock Exchange
IndiaNational Stock Exchange of India

Webull Real Time Quotes of Mutual Funds

Real-time Mutual funds data In Webull is provided by Lipper Fund.  It is available for the regions like U.S.A., Canada, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, India, the U.K., and Germany.

Webull Real Time Quotes on Indexes

Webull provides real-time data for following indexes through Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv)

U.S.Nasdaq Global 
U.S.Dow Jones 
Hong KongHang Seng 

All the indexes are provided in real-time. In addition to these Webull also provides index data of Shanghai/Shenzhen Stock Exchange Indexes, China and BSE India Indices, India with a delay of 15 minutes.


Do I need to pay extra for Webull Real Time Data?

No, You don’t have to pay any additional charges for the real-time data sourced from Reuters, Refinitiv, and Lipper as a subscriber of Webull. 

If you need to use Nasdaq TotalView data then you have to get an additional subscription in your account with a fee after the expiry of 3 month trial period. The charges for Nasdaq TotalView are $1.99/month.

What Other Kinds of Data do I Get in Webull in Addition to Real Time Data?

Most users are concerned about the real-time data for their informed investment decisions. But some of them may want to have access to the history of the transactions they have made throughout their  Webull app usage.

The great news is that you can make a better investment after learning from your previous investment decisions and experiences. 

In Webull you get all your history data in a .csv file. All you need to do is open your accounts’ order history and download the .csv file.

The .csv file contains detailed data of your orders like

  • filled orders 
  • partially filled orders
  • pending orders
  • working orders
  • canceled orders 
  • failed orders 

Webull prohibits the exportation of related account transaction history, deposits, and withdrawals. You may get these options in near future.