How to Get Free Money On Cash App

Ever since it was first introduced to the App Store and the Google Play Store, Cash App has revolutionized the way people send and receive money. While you may already know about the ease of transferring cash with Cash App, did you know that you can get free money through the app as well?

There are a few different ways to make free money through Cash App, but the most commonly used method is Cash App Fridays, which is a contest run by Cash App themselves. The other methods may be a little sketchier, and they include using sites like

I’m going to take a detailed look at all of the ways that you can earn free money through Cash App and rank them according to how likely you are to get anything out of them.

I’ll also discuss some of the risks of trying to get free money through Cash App so you can have a better idea of what to look out for.

How to Get Free Money Through Cash App

If you’re pressed for cash and you’re looking for a few different ways to make money, you may have heard about ways to get free money through Cash App. Maybe you were browsing through Instagram and you saw someone who promised to multiply your money by a factor of ten on Cash App.

Unfortunately, a lot of the methods that are marketed as ways to make free money through Cash App are actually fraud schemes. That doesn’t mean that getting free money on Cash App is entirely impossible, but it means that you have to be careful about how you acquire that money in the first place.

One of the safest ways to make money through Cash App is to participate in Cash App Fridays, which I’ll discuss in the following paragraph, but this isn’t the only method at your disposal. There are a few sites that will allow you to register and make free money, sent directly to your Cash App.

Remember, when trying to make free money through Cash App, you’ll want to keep your private information safe. If someone asks you for your password or your account’s secret questions, then that’s a definite sign that they’re trying to scam you and access the funds in your Cash App account.

Here are the two options:

  • Cash App Fridays contests
  • Free Cash App money websites

Cash App Fridays

The team behind Cash App runs contests where you can win money on the app from time to time. If you’d like to be notified of any time these contests are happening, stay subscribed to the Cash App team’s Twitter feed, as this is usually the first place where these contests are announced.

While these contests may not give you a guaranteed shot at making money, you can be sure that they’re legitimate and that there’s no fraud involved since the cash is coming directly from the Cash App team. Be sure to check the terms of the contest to ensure that it’s valid where you live,  as there may be certain exceptions.

There are a few ways to be sure that you’re signing up for an official Cash App contest. The Cash App team will never ask you for your sign-in code and they will never ask you to make a payment or purchase to enter the contest. Finally, you’ll never have to provide the company with remote access to one of your machines, either.

Keep in mind that these contests are currently only limited to US residents. The selection process for the winners is completely random and there are several tiers of prizes available to win. The top ten winners will receive $500 directly to their Cash App, while twenty runners up will receive $250.

There will also be a third-place prize of $100 for the next one hundred people. All of these prizes come out to a combined value of $20,000. If you win, there’s nothing more for you to do, as you’ll see the cash deposited directly into your Cash App balance at any point during the contest.

Free Cash App Money Sites

There are many sites that offer their members free money through Cash App, and it can be difficult to differentiate the scammers and legitimate businesses. One of the best ways to mitigate your risks when working with sites like these is to never provide them with sensitive information.

When you give these sites potentially compromising info like your secret question answers or your password, it will be much easier for them to access your account. Legimitate sites will only ever ask you for your Cash App ID that you would give to anyone when requesting payment from them.

Many of these sites will request that you watch ads or fill out surveys to get money sent directly to your cash app account. One of the advantages to getting money in your Cash App account through sites like these is that you don’t need a bank account linked to your Cash App to receive the money.

The Risks of Getting Free Money On Cash App

While getting free money through Cash App is often a good way to load up your card without expending any of your own resources, it can also be risky. When dealing with your finances, you want to be sure that you’re always operating in the most secure way possible to ensure that your money doesn’t fall into anyone else’s hands.

To that end, I’ve already mentioned the importance of keeping your personal info private, especially that which can be used to log in to your Cash App account. You’ll also want to make sure that you thoroughly research any of the free Cash App money-making methods before you try them out.

The best way to do that is to search on Google. Your typical search would look something like this: “Is [insert Cash App money-making method here] legit?” This will allow you to see what fellow Cash App users have experienced while using a specific site or service.