Can Cash App Link to Credit Card?

Cash App has 44 million active users, and the number is constantly growing. With the advent of online payments, Cash App has proven to be one of the most useful applications. Since you can link a bank account to the app, many users want to know – can Cash App link to credit card?

Yes, you can link Cash App to a credit card. The platform supports Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The prerequisite to linking your credit card is to add bank account information and the debit card.

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Can Cash App Link to Credit Card?

Yes, users are allowed to connect their Cash App account with a credit card. Apart from using Cash App with a debit card and a bank account or simply using the app at different ATMs, you can use it with a credit card. Many users still think that this feature is unavailable, but it was introduced by the developers at one point.

The general idea is that more and more users wanted to withdraw funds and use their credit cards to pay at stores, so Cash App thought it would be convenient to offer the feature to the users.

Before you can link your credit card, you need to provide the platform with bank account information and add your debit card first.

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Guide for Linking Your Credit Card With Cash App

If you want to transfer funds to the Cash App account or use the money you received from other individuals, you need to have a linked credit card. The process is straightforward and I’d like to walk you through each step, so you do it properly.

Before you begin the process, check whether your credit card is MasterCard, Discover, Visa, or American Express. Cards from other companies are not supported by the platform. Then, read and prepare card information such as number, secret code, and expiration date. Even the slightest mistake can cause the entire process to fail.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here is what you need to do in order to link Cash App and your credit card:

  • Go to the application on your phone or tablet,
  • Log into your Cash App account,
  • Search for the banking button or “my cash,”
  • Underneath the option for Bitcoin, you will be able to spot a credit card button. Tap on it when you find it.
  • Type in the expiration date of the card, CVV code, and number of the card,
  • The instructions that appear on the screen have to be followed,
  • Click on Add Card,
  • Next, type in the PIN or use Touch ID for the process to be completed,
  • Return to the homepage, and you are done.

Now the card is connected to the account and you are free to withdraw money or make Cash App payments. This is a great way to receive or send funds without having to reveal important information about the banking account or the credit card.

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What to Do if You Run Into Issues Trying to Connect the Credit Card and Cash App?

Problems can arise while trying to link the card and the application. There are a few reasons why this might happen. If you try to carry out a transaction and the notification won’t appear in your account, an issue with the linking process occurred.

In the majority of cases, you are using the wrong credit card. Even though the application supports all the major credit card companies, some individuals try to link cards that are not supported. What is more, there might be a charge associated with connecting a certain card to Cash App. Bear in mind that gift or prepaid cards are not accepted.

The second reason why the cards cannot be linked is that you typed in the wrong credit card information or that you made a mistake while typing in all the details. Simply double-check everything that you type in and whether it is correct or not.

When an issue arises, you will get an error message, so you will know that you haven’t completed the process properly.

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Here’s How to Send Money on Cash App With Your Linked Credit Card

Now that you have the credit card linked to Cash App, you can use it as a funding source to send someone else money. First and foremost, you are obliged to type in how much money you’d like to send. Then, click on the option Pay. You will be offered all the users you can send the money to, so you need to pick your recipient. Again, click on the amount of money you are sending and choose the option to do it via credit card. To finish the transaction, simply click on Pay again.

Important Facts to Remember When Sending Funds via Credit Card

Sometimes you can follow the instructions to the tee, but the transaction fails. This might happen if you are not completely sure about what can be done with the credit card and what is still not available. Here are some of the facts you should be aware of:

  • The Cash App balance cannot be funded with your credit card. For this, you must use your debit card.
  • Cash outs to the credit card are not available. Instead, the platform provides you with deposits to the bank account and Instant Deposits as well.
  • You can withdraw cash from the Cash App card.
  • The debit card needs to be added to the account before you can carry out transactions with the credit card.

Bear in mind that just like you’ve linked your credit card with Cash App, you can remove it. All users have to do is click on Linked Banks, choose their credit card, and Click on Remove Card.

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Ready to Use Your Credit Card With Cash App?

Since the application changed and the developers added the feature of linking a credit card with  Cash App, users have a more convenient way of controlling their finances. The crucial aspect of linking your credit card and the app is typing in the correct information. If you make a mistake, an error message will appear. I recommend linking your credit card so you can easily and efficiently transfer funds to other users. However, bear in mind that the app needs to support the type of card you own.