Can Cash App Send Money To Chime?

Chime is considered to be one of the most convenient apps that allow users to have savings and checking accounts. On the other hand, Cash App is a perfect application designed for mobile payments. Both apps are essential in today’s digital world. But, users of both applications usually ask – can Cash App send money to Chime? Read on to find out.

Users can send funds from Cash App to Chime and vice versa. Additionally, one is allowed to transfer funds to the Chime card from Cash App. However, the prerequisite to this is linking the two applications.

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Can Cash App Send Money To Chime?

Since sending money from Chime to Chime is possible, you can also send money from Cash App to Chime. If you are a user of both Chime and Cash App you are in luck. Both applications work very well together, and a user is free to transfer funds from one application to another. But, before you are able to send money from the Cash App to Chime, you must first link them, and there are two ways you can manage to link both applications. One option is to do it by using a Chime Debit Card and the other option is without the debit card. Use the method that is the most convenient for you.

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Here’s How To Link Chime And Cash App With Your Debit Card

If you want to use the option of instant transfers, you will be required to use your Chime Debit Card when linking Cash App and Chime. The process is straightforward and easy to understand. In the table below you should find all the necessary steps one needs to take.

Step 1Make sure that Cash App is downloaded on your device
Step 2Open the latest version of the application
Step 3Click on the bank icon
Step 4The last option on the drop-down list will be “Link Bak,” tap on this option
Step 5Type in the number of your Chime Debit Card
Step 6Click on the button “Add Card”
Step 7Other information should be entered now. Make sure that you know your correct CVV number, zip code, expiration date, and the number of the debit card
Step 8Cash App will send you a message that the process has been completed successfully

Users who opt for linking the applications using this method will enjoy the benefit of instant transfers. What is more, the fee for such a transfer is significantly lower, only 1.5%. But, other users who don’t want to go through this process can opt for linking Chime and Cash App without the debit card.

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Here’s How To Link Apps Without The Chime Debit Card

Even though this method won’t allow you to use the benefit of instant transfers, the silver lining still exists. The users who go through this process won’t be paying the 1.5% charge for every transaction.

The drawback with this method is connected to the time it takes for the transaction to go through. One can expect to receive the funds anywhere between one and three business days. If this seems suitable for you, follow the guide below on how to link Chime and Cash App.

Step 1First, ensure that the Cash App is downloaded on the device
Step 2Select the latest version of the application
Step 3Click on your bank icon
Step 4Select “Link Bank”
Step 5At this point you won’t be required to type in the number of the card, just click on the button “No Card?”
Step 6Select “Continue”
Step 7Click on Chime from the list of banks
Step 8Proceed by logging in using all Chime credentials
Step 9Lastly, tap the button “Submit”

How Should You Send Money From Cash App to Chime?

From the previous instructions, it’s clear that there are two methods when handling linking applications, but the same holds true for the process of transferring funds from Cash App to Chime.

There are instant transfers and free transfers. Those that linked apps with their debit card need to follow instructions for instant transfers. Those that are linked without the card should follow instructions for free transfers.

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Instant Transfers

Even though there is a 1.5% fee, you will still get your money on Chime instantly. Here is what you need to do:

  • Open your Chime application,
  • Tap on the option “Move Money,”
  • Select Transfers,
  • Choose the bank account,
  • Type in the amount of money and then follow additional instructions within the app.

Free Transfers

This method allows users to freely send money without any fees. However, there is a waiting period that needs to pass before the transaction gets cleared and the money appears in Chime. Here are the steps to follow for free transfers:

  • Go to Cash App on your device,
  • Click on your balance, which is displayed in the left corner,
  • Click on the option “Cash Out,”
  • Select how much money should be transferred,
  • Select Standard or Instant option,
  • Click on “Done.”

The transfer is complete. This is how you can conveniently and easily transfer with the free transfer method.

Ready To Link Apps And Transfer Money With A Few Clicks?

One of the main benefits connected to transferring money from Cash App to Chime is that users will save time and conduct transactions more efficiently. Instant transfers are the best option since there won’t be any waiting around for the funds to be transferred.

So, if you are interested in upgrading your mobile banking experience, make sure that you link Chime and Cash App. Then, you’ll be free to handle your finances better, and conducting transactions from Cash App won’t be an issue. Also, there won’t be any need to borrow from Cash App since you can transfer money from Chime instantly.