Can I Add Money To My Chime Card?

If you’re looking for ways to add money to your Chime card, you’re in luck! There are a few different options available to you, and we’ll go over them all in this post.

Can you add money to your chime card? There are several ways to add money to your Chime Card. You can add money to your Chime card at retailers, by transferring money online, or by depositing a check.

Keep reading for more information on how to add money to your Chime card. Here is more information about what a Chime card is.

Add Money to the Chime Card from a Deposit Retailer

You can add money to your chime card with a cash deposit at Walgreens, the widest network of deposit retailers you may ever need. This beats any bank as Walgreens’ network of stores provides the largest number of walk-in locations to carry out banking in the US.

This provides the additional benefit of funding your Chime card while you visit Walgreens or are in the vicinity. In fact, at any location, it is easy to find a place to fund your Chime Card.

The process is quite simple.

  • The user hands over the Chime Card along with the cash to be loaded.
  • The cashier swipes and punches in the amount for the Chime card.
  • The deposit will be available to the user within the next 2 hours.

Users will be notified of the arrival of funds on their Chime Debit Card in the Chime app and on their mobile phones.

There is a list of 90,000+ retailers facilitating cash deposits to the Chime Debit Card. The list includes

  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • 7-Eleven
  • Dollar General
  • Holiday Station Stores
  • Family Dollar
  • Kwik Trip Inc.
  • Speedway

Limits on Adding Money to Chime Cards

There are certain limits placed on the number of money loads to Chime Debit Card.

  • Monthly limit of $10000
  • A 24-hour limit of 3 deposits each, the total of which is capped at $1000.

It is quite a beneficial arrangement for the users, considering all the benefits attached to it, compared to the regular banks and their debit cards.

Charges on Adding Money to a Chime Card

If the users make cash deposits at Walgreens, then the transaction is free from any charges. In the case of adding money through other third-party retailers, users have to pay a deposit fee of up to $4.95 per transaction.

It is a good idea to log in to the Chime mobile app to get exact details on the charges applicable for a particular location of a specific third-party retailer. This information can be found under “Deposit Cash” under “Move Money.” There, the nearest location of the outlet can be found.

Other Charges on the Chime Card

The Chime card comes without any charges whatsoever, whether for initial setup, any fixed maintenance, or recurring changes of any kind. So, you pay zero for either acquiring or using a Chime Debit card backed by the Visa network, making it accessible and acceptable at practically all locations.

The Chime Debit Card is free from the following kinds of charges:

  • Low balance fees
  • Account service fees
  • Overdraft fees
  • Transaction fees/foreign transaction fees
  • ATM fees

The Chime Debit Card gives you the power to transact at physical locations of online stores for your regular purchases as usual, but with added Chime benefits.

You can learn about Chime’s overdraft features here.

Add Funds with Online Banking

It is also possible to add funds using the online banking facility of your regular bank. For this, the Chime Checking Account is to be added to your online banking account profile. This setting requires the Chime Account number and routing number of the Chime Checking Account.

The transfer is done by following the regular process of fund transfer for your regular bank. The transferred amount will be reflected on the Chime card in five business days.

Mobile Check Deposit is a convenient way to add funds to your account.

Another option to add money to your Chime Card is with Mobile Check Deposit, a feature available in the Chime mobile app. Users don’t have to visit the bank to deposit the check.

A user would scan or click a picture of the check on both sides using a smartphone or tablet, and deposit it with the mobile app.

The types of checks that can be deposited are

  • Personal checks
  • Business checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Government-issued checks like tax refunds

Eligible users for this facility must have availed one of these

  • Received at least one direct deposit of a minimum of $1 from an employer or payroll provider, government benefits.
  • A gig economy payer via Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer
  • Original Credit Transaction (OCT).


Can I Load Chime Card at an ATM?

Regular banks have a typical arrangement with other banks to share the ATM network for various transactions. This is not the case with Chime. They have chosen to provide a lot of ATM-like facilities/features in other ways.

They have powered their kind of banking with the availability of a large network of third-party retailers as their backbone. So, Chime has chosen not to deposit cash at the ATMs.

Cash withdrawals at ATMs are available as usual.

Can I Use Money in My Checking Account with a Chime Card?

Debit cards are usually linked to the checking accounts of their users. All the funds available in a checking account are available for use through the debit card.

Can the money available in the checking account from a transaction initiated from outside Chime be used with a Chime card? 

Yes, a direct deposit to your checking account is credited to your account as soon as it is received from the depositor.This may be from a regular source like your payroll, the employer, or another party making a direct deposit. 

If you want to use the deposited money through your Chime card, you need to provide the sender with your Chime Checking Account and routing number.

Can I link my Chime account with external parties?

Yes, users can link accounts held with external parties in their Chime apps. These accounts become the sources of funds totheir Chime accounts. Any incoming transaction can take up to three business days to appear in the Chime account.

The balance resulting from such transactions in the account is available immediately on the Chime Debit card.