Can You Buy PayPal Gift Card?

All PayPal account holders have the opportunity to use all the features of PayPal. In the world of the digital economy, sending and receiving funds have changed. Everything is a few clicks away. Therefore, buying gift cards has also changed. In this article, we will answer – can you buy PayPal gift card?

Yes, you can buy a PayPal gift card if you have a PayPal account. You will only be allied to buy services and goods from certain retailers. There is also an option that allows you to send gift cards to friends and family members.

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What Are PayPal Gift Cards?

They function as regular physical cards you can get at any store. The only difference is that these are non-physical. They are solely used through this account. When you purchase services or goods, the balance on the card will decrease.

Bear in mind that gift cards cannot be used to withdraw funds from the PayPal account. But on the flip side, you can send them to a family member or a friend via text message or email. Check whether you have to change your email address on PayPal so as to receive or send gift cards with ease.

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Can You Buy PayPal Gift Card?

Anyone who has an account on the digital payment service called PayPal is allowed to buy the PayPal gift card. There are a variety of options one can choose from, and a great selection of retailers that are offered on the platform among some are Best Buy, Target, and Amazon. One simply needs to visit the Digital Gift Card store.

Step-By-Step Process for Obtaining PayPal Gift Cards

When you visit the virtual store with digital cards, you will see the selection of all merchants that will accept your PayPal purchase. It doesn’t have to be activated like a PayPal card. Redeeming the cards is possible at their online stores. The correct step-by-step process is following:

  • Go to the Digital Gift Card store,
  • Click on the gift card that you want to purchase,
  • Check the value of the card before confirming the purchase,
  • In case the gift card will be sent to your friend or a family member, you will have to type in their name, email address, and a message,
  • The last step is to sign into the account and finish the transaction.

Right after confirming the transaction, you will be able to spend the money that is loaded on the card. Bear in mind that you need to check whether your card has enough money loaded before the purchase. It doesn’t function as a PayPal card you have to load. You cannot buy something that is priced higher than the amount of money available on the card.

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How to Use the Gift Card for Purchasing Goods?

If you want to start making purchases and orders with your PayPal gift card, simply go to the page of the card on the platform. Then, sign into your PayPal account and find the option Use Gift Card. Before making any purchases, it’s necessary to type in the code that will be visible on your card.

Those that have a printed copy will only need to type in the code that consists of 16 digits. It’s located on the back of the card.

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Pros and Cons of Buying a PayPal Gift Card

There are always two sides to every new service that is available in the world of the digital economy. Numerous benefits of using PayPal gift cards have attracted many account holders to buy them. But everyone should be aware of some of the cons when it comes to purchasing them. Check out our table with pros and cons that might shed light on whether or not this type of service is for you.

You can shop online: When you own a physical gift card, you have to go to the store to buy goods; however, PayPal gift cards can be used both online and at brick-and-mortar locations.You cannot transfer money: Sending funds to someone else using a PayPal gift card is not possible. It’s only used for buying goods.
They can easily and quickly be sent to anyone: PayPal users only need the email address of the person they want to send a gift card to. You won’t have to wonder – how long it takes PayPal to send the funds. Gift cards are delivered immediately.They don’t have the same sentimental value as physical gift cards: Sometimes, people prefer to receive physical gift cards that will remind them that their loved one gifted them something special.
You don’t have to deplete the balance right away: PayPal cards can be used for a long time, so you can save them for later.You Can’t Buy Physical Cards: PayPal gift cards are virtual, and you can obtain physical cards only at stores, not on PayPal.
There is no expiration date: Physical gift cards usually have an expiration date, but PayPal cards don’tLimited money on the card: How much you can send via PayPal is determined by the gift card. The amount of money cannot be changed.

How Can You Exchange PayPal Gift Cards for Cash?

In certain situations, your family members and friends might be dissatisfied with your pick of a special PayPal gift card. That doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from your gift. A wise thing to suggest in this instance is exchanging the card for cash. This can be easily done. Follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the CardCash page,
  • Type in the name of the merchant and the amount of money that is loaded on the card,
  • Select the option Get Offer,
  • The available offer can be accepted or not,
  • Also, you can add an additional gift card by selecting Add Card,
  • Then, click Continue,
  • Type in the number of the gift card and add the pin,
  • Select Connect with PayPal,
  • Sign into your account,
  • Finish by filling in the missing information and clicking Get my PayPal balance.

Now You Can Buy a PayPal Gift Card With Confidence

PayPal gift cards are a useful feature that lets you shop anywhere and use the money to your advantage. The greatest perk is that there is no expiration date and you can treat your friends and family members with a virtual card loaded with money. However, if you desire to get cash from your card, you can do that easily by visiting the CardCash page. All in all, a PayPal gift card can always be a last-minute gift if you forget to buy something meaningful for a loved one.