Does Chime Have A Daily Limit?

Mobile banking has become easy and effortless with Chime. The app makes it possible for users to create their savings and checking accounts and make purchases by using a Chime card. Even though the app is incredibly useful, many users still wonder – does Chime have a daily limit?

Yes, there are daily limits on the amount of money that the user is allowed to withdraw. However, there is no limit to how many times one can use the Chime cards for spending and withdrawing money per day.

Does Chime Have a Daily Limit?

Yes, and every Chime user can check whether there is a limit to how much money they can withdraw and spend every day by looking for specific information on their app. One can check that information by:

  • Opening the Chime application, 
  • Searching for the settings options, and 
  • Selecting VIEW LIMITS.

Have a look at the chart below that lists all the daily limitations the users need to know of.

Type of TransactionMoney and Frequency Limit 
ATM withdrawalUsers have a daily limit of $515, there is no limitation on how many times you withdraw per day
(POS) Cash back at Point-of-SaleThe daily limit is $515.00, and there is no frequency limit
(OTC) Over-the-counter withdrawalsThe daily limit is $515.00, there is no frequency limit
(Signature and PIN) Card purchasesThe daily limit is $2,500.00, there is no frequency limit

ATM Withdrawal Daily Limit

Every user can withdraw up to $515 from the ATM every day. What does this mean for the users? This means that the Chime debit card allows you to only receive $515 within 24 hours. The limit in question is applicable to both out-of-network ATMs and local ATMs.

The only difference is that there might be a fee when withdrawing funds with the Chime card from the out-of-network automated teller machines. Chime members who wish to get more than $515 during the course of one day need to request one outgoing transfer from their Chime account.

A person withdrawing cash from an ATM

Over-the-Counter Daily Withdrawal Limit

The over-the-counter limit is the same as the ATM withdrawal limit – only $515 is allowed to be withdrawn. Users who want to receive more funds can do that by requesting multiple transactions. One should bear in mind that there is a Chime fee for OTC withdrawals. For every transaction, one will need to pay a $2.50 fee. In case you want to avoid this type of fee, you can withdraw your funds using an ATM.

Is There A Daily Limit For Chime Pay Friends?

Yes, apart from withdrawal limits, there are daily limits for different Chime features. The Chime Pay Friends allows members to return money to their family members and friends with ease. PayPal and Venmo have the same feature. The best aspect of Chime Pay Friends is that there are no extra fees included in any instant transfers. However, one can only transfer $2,000 per day.

If you want to use this convenient feature, you only need to type in the amount you want to see transferred to another account, enter the email or phone number of your recipient and the money will be deducted from your account.

Is There A Chime ACH Deposit Limit?

Yes, there are daily as well as monthly limits for bank transfers to your spending account that are made with the Chime website or application. The daily Chime ACH deposit limit stands at $10,000, while the monthly limit is $25,000. The limit in question is for all the deposits that have to be made using the ACH network.

Fortunately, Chime Bank has made it easy for its users to link the majority of outside accounts with their Chime accounts and use them to transfer money from one to another. The only prerequisite for transferring funds is linking accounts. This feature makes it incredibly easy to keep track of your finances and pay all bills from just one account. It’s vital to know that the ACH network’s security and efficiency ensure safe transactions.

Are Users Allowed to Increase the Withdrawal and Spending Limit?

Chime doesn’t permit its users to increase the spending limit. They are pre-decided and fixed, so the users are obliged to abide by all the Chime rules and regulations. Some apps, such as Venmo and Cash App, make it possible for members to increase their spending and withdrawal limit in some cases, but that is not the case with Chime.

Still, there is a way to withdraw a bit more money and overdraft your account with Chime, but you will need the SpotMe feature. Users can be permitted to get from $20 to $200, but the amount needs to be paid back.

How Can You Use The SpotMe Feature?

Are you wondering – how does SpotMe work? Any user can enjoy the perks of the SpotMe feature by using the Chime app. One simply needs to download the brand-new version of the app and find the feature in the Settings section. All users who are eligible to use the feature will be able to spot the button designed for signing up. Check all terms and conditions, agree with all the rules and you are all set.

Now, when you want to make a cash withdrawal or purchase something that is over the limit, the SpotMe feature will allow withdrawals from $20 to $200 over the limit. How much you will get depends on the account activity and history.

Manage Finances Better With Chime Daily Limits

You cannot spend or withdraw more than the official Chime limit. All users should pay attention to ATM withdrawal limits, over-the-counter limits, card purchases with signature and PIN as well as cash back at the point-of-sale limit. But, it’s necessary to know that you don’t have any limits to how many times you purchase or withdraw money per day. Even though limits cannot be passed, the SpotMe feature allows users with good account history to spend from $20 to $200 over their limit.