How to Add Chime to Cash App?

If you are using both Cash App and Chime, you might wonder if it’s possible to link these two mobile banking solutions. So let’s see how to add Chime to Cash App and transfer money between them.

You can link Chime and Cash App through the Cash App options. You simply need to go to the bank icon and click on “Link Bank.” There, you need to input the number from your Chime debit card, the expiration date, CVV digits, and finally – the zip code. After you’ve been sent a confirmation, it’s successfully linked.

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How to Add Chime to Cash App?

Both Chime and Cash App are very convenient mobile banking services, and each has its own advantages. While users mostly use Chime because of their savings and checking accounts, Cash App is great for mobile transactions and easy investing. To make the most of each, you can link them and easily transfer funds from one to another.

Keep in mind that money transfers between Chime and Cash App and the other way around are possible. Additionally, you can transfer funds to your Chime card using the Cash App. However, the first step is to link them. Depending on how rapidly you need to transfer your money, you can choose how to do it.

Link the Apps to Forward Money From Chime to Cash App Instantly

If you happen to have funds in one app but not the other, and you are in need to transfer money between them quickly, there are several steps to take to link them correctly. Here is what you should do:

  • Download and install Cash App on your Android or iOS mobile device,
  • Tap to open the latest version of the app,
  • Locate and click the bank icon found at the display’s bottom,
  • Choose the “Link Bank” button, found at the lower end of the menu,
  • After entering your Chime card information, click the “Add Card”
  • Input all other important data – number of a debit card, its CVV digits, expiration date, and your zip code (be sure everything is correct,)
  • It’s successfully linked once you receive Cash App’s confirmation.

Link the Apps Without the Debit Card for Free Transfers

If you don’t have a debit card, don’t worry – it’s still possible to link Chime and Cash App. When you get to the bottom of the screen, find the bank icon and tap on it. Choose the “Link Bank” button again. Where you would enter the number from your debit card, instead choose the “No Card” option, and next click on “Continue.” Among the list of banks, you can easily find Chime, so tap on it. Next, you will be asked to log in with your Chime data. In the end, you should tap on the “Submit” button.

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What Are the Money Transfer Limits?

Even when you have an unverified account on the Cash App, you can still use it to send and receive money. However, there are some limitations. When you send money, you can transfer up to $250 per week, and when you’re receiving, you can receive no more than $1,000 during 30 days. The limit for Chime to Cash App transfers is higher for verified users. Simply enter your name, birthdate, and the final four digits of the SSN into the Cash App.

Chime sets the limit on the cash load transfers to three each day. The daily limit is $1,000, and the monthly cap is $10,000. Differing from the cash load alternative, Chime Credit Builder has no set limit, so you’re free to use the card as much as you like.

Step-by-Step Transfers

You can instantly transfer funds from Cash App to your Chime, but this transfer method incurs a fee of 1.5%. The Free Transfer method, where you don’t have to use a debit card, doesn’t require a fee, but it takes from 1 to 3 business days for the money to be received. The following table explains the steps to transfer the money in both methods.

Send money with a debit cardSend money without a debit card
Tap to open the Chime appTap to open Cash App
Tap on “Move Money”Find your balance on the left corner
Scroll to choose “Transfers”Choose “Cash Out”
Choose your bank accountEnter the amount to transfer
Enter the amount of fundsChoose Instant or Standard and tap Done

How Long Does It Take To Transfer Funds With or Without a Debit Card?

Depending on the method of transfer you have chosen, the transfer period will differ. If you transfer money using your connected debit and credit cards, expect the money to arrive immediately. However, some transfers may last longer. You can get the money in your Cash App account within five business days, for instance, if you submit money via bank transfer within the app.

On the other hand, if you go with the cash deposit option, the funds will be in your account in two hours. If the apps are directly linked, the money should be in your Chime account in one to three business days. Your cash should appear right away if you transfer money using a linked debit card.

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Transferring Money Between These Two Apps Is Perfectly Safe

When it comes to their mobile apps, both Chime and Cash App both use safety solutions to protect their users. For instance, the Cash App makes use of fraud prevention and encryption technology, which greatly increases security while you send money. On the other hand, Chime is a business that is FDIC-insured, protecting you up to $250,000. You will therefore be guaranteed the amount you had if your Chime funds are lost as a result of a technical error.

Both these apps provide a secure and easy way to transfer desired funds between your accounts. You can choose the option to link them directly and have access to Free Transfer if you don’t require money immediately. You can also link your debit card to both apps for your convenience. This allows you to avoid making cash deposits and making trips to the bank or using the ATM.