How to Add Money to Cash App at 7-Eleven

In order to have any use of your Cash App, you need to load it with funds. This is possible in several ways, and they’re all relatively simple and straightforward to understand. If you have a 7-Eleven nearby, learn here how to add money to the Cash App at 7-Eleven, and check out other venues.

Loading your Cash App with money at 7-Eleven is relatively easy. All you have to do is head to the nearest location and ask the cashier to add money to your Cash App card or account. With a few extra information and details, they’ll add the funds to your account and potentially charge a small commission fee.

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How to Add Money to Cash App at 7-Eleven

Just like you can deposit money at Walmart, you can add it to your card at 7-Eleven. Cash App supports card loading at retail locations in a few easy steps. Here is how you can add money to your Cash App card there:

  • Visit any 7-Eleven store you like; near you or one that’s just along the way, it doesn’t matter,
  • At the counter, ask the cashier to put money into your Cash Card,
  • They’ll ask you for account-related information, like the phone number you’ve registered it to, or other account details like email address and name,
  • Tell them the amount you want to add to the account and give them the money,
  • Pay for loading together with the necessary commission.

What Are the Fees Associated With Using Cash App?

Cash App does have some fees when you add and send funds. It’s supposed to be different in every retailer you go to, but most of the time, these commissions are similarly priced. The platform’s standard fee for adding paper money is $4; at 7-Eleven, this goes from $1 to $4.

When you want to withdraw funds from your Cash Card, the fee on every ATM is $2,50. However, Cash App has an interesting policy – once you’ve received qualifying deposits of $300 or higher, the platform will reimburse fees for three ATM withdrawals per 31 days.

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The Benefits of Using Cash App at Retail Locations

You can use Cash App without the card, but if you want to load money at a retailer, you’ll need the card and money in cash. This is because you can top up your account only with physical money at a cash register. If you don’t have cash at that moment but want to top up your balance, ask a friend or family member to send you some money.

The same goes when you have cash but no place to load your card nearby; simply ask someone to send the funds and give them the money in return. This may be easier since you might also need to verify your card if you’ve never used it before.

Other Locations Where You Can Load Your Cash Card

Besides 7-Eleven, other retailers and shops offer the option of topping up one’s account with money. If you have any of the following stores nearby, you can take advantage of their services, too:

  • CVS,
  • Dollar General,
  • Dollar Tree,
  • Family Dollar,
  • Rite Aid,
  • Target,
  • Walgreens,
  • Walmart.

How to Load the Cash App Cash Card

Although you’re trying to learn how to load your Cash App at a store, it’s one of two ways to do it. Stores have the convenience of loading your card quickly and efficiently when you’re on the go. However, it’s typically much easier to add money to your card through a linked bank account.

Here are the steps for loading Cash App cards at stores and online.

Through a Linked Bank Account

Before sending money to your card through a linked bank account, you must connect one. Here’s how to connect a bank account to your Cash App:

  • Log into your account on Cash App,
  • Click on the bank icon in the left corner of the screen,
  • Add a bank account you want,
  • Enter all the information as prompted,
  • Follow the instructions for completing the linking process,
  • Check your email for any further instructions or confirmations,
  • If you don’t get an email, check your texts.

After linking your bank account to the Cash App profile, you’re free to send funds to and from it whenever you want. To top up your card through your linked bank account, here’s what you need to do:

  • Log into your Cash App account,
  • Click on the bank icon in the left corner of the screen,
  • Click on “Add Cash” and enter your desired amount,
  • Click on “Add,”
  • Enter additional information if asked (the app may ask you to enter a PIN or try any other way of confirming your decision).

At Stores

In case you don’t have internet access or your bank account is already linked and you just need some funds, swing by stores that support Cash App loading and do it there.

You’ve already seen the steps for adding cash at 7-Eleven, so the procedure isn’t that different in any other store. You just need to ask the cashier to load your account, specify the amount, give them the cash, and pay for any additional fees that apply.

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If Something’s Off, Contact Customer Service and Support

Suppose your Cash App loading isn’t working well. In this case, you can always contact their support center and resolve the issue with them before attempting to load your account again. Since the procedure isn’t too complicated, there shouldn’t be bigger issues. Nothing can stop you from getting some money to your Cash App account.