Can You Block on Venmo 

Venmo is a mobile paying app with a social element where your friends and family can see all your transactions. That leaves space for unwanted people to lurk around your account and see what you are doing. If you are using this app, you probably want to know can you block Venmo. Keep reading and find out. 

Can a person block unwanted contacts on Venmo? The answer is yes. You can easily block each contact on your Venmo by entering the options menu (three dots in the top right corner) when you open that contact.  

On the other hand, if your goal is only to prevent someone from seeing your transactions, there are other things you can do without blocking them. 

How to Block Someone on Venmo – A Step by Step Guide 

No matter if you use iPhone, Android, or web browser, blocking someone on Venmo is pretty straightforward and simple. And the steps you need to take are similar no matter where you decide to take this action. Let’s see how to block someone on Venmo step by step. 

Step 1Open Venmo or sign in to your account on your browser
Step 2Tap on three lines in the top left corner 
Step 3Click on the “search people” option 
Step 4Find the person you want to block 
Step 5Enter that person’s profile 
Step 6Tap three dots in top right corner 
Step 7 Find option to block and click on it

What Happens When You Block Someone on Venmo? 

Once you block someone on Venmo, that person won’t be able to see your transactions, profile information, feed posts, and other activities you made. Even your name will not appear on a search bar when typed in. However, even though future activities will be unavailable, that person will be able to see past transactions you had with them. Your actions and information will be fully protected from that person. Of course, the blocked person can still use someone else’s profile to see what you are doing.   

Can You Unblock Someone on Venmo 

It can happen that you accidentally block someone or change your mind about blocking. If that person is still on Venmo, you will be able to unblock them. Just keep in mind that if you wish to send money to a person with a frozen account, you will have to wait for the unfreezing of the account. Here is how to unblock someone you blocked on Venmo: 

  • Step 1 –  Go on Settings in your Venmo account,
  • Step 2 – Click on the privacy options,
  • Step 3 – Select the Blocked Users list,
  • Step 4 – Select the user you want to unblock and click Unblock.

You Can Hide Your Transaction History Without Blocking Them

Another option you have is to hide your transaction history if you wish not to completely block someone but to protect your privacy. Venmo allows users to keep transactions private. You can either set your profile to be private by default or adjust privacy for each transaction. For the first option, you need to go to settings and, under privacy, choose a preference for “Past Transactions.” This way, all your past transactions will become hidden from your friends and contacts. 

The second option allows you to hide each transaction individually, so if you made some questionable purchase you wish to remain hidden, you could do this. Go to the payment section, find your transaction and click on privacy settings for that transaction. Then just choose what kind of privacy you prefer. 

Can You Block on Venmo Without That Person Knowing You Blocked Them? 

If you are worried that blocking someone on Venmo will lead to them finding out, rest assured that this will not be the case. When you block someone, that person will not get any notifications about this action. However, this doesn’t mean they can not figure out that this happened. Even though they will no longer see any transaction you’ve made, you will also not appear in their feeds.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Venmo? 

You can see if someone blocked you on Venmo the same way a blocked person from your side can see if you block them. Go to the search bar and type in that person’s name. If the name doesn’t appear, this will be a sign you are probably blocked. However, this can also mean this person is no longer on Venmo, so the account has been removed.  

Blocking on Venmo – Good or Bad? 

Venmo is a payment platform that shows your transactions to all your contacts. And even though these pieces of information can be fun to share among your close friends and family, sharing some purchases may be uncomfortable. For example, not everybody is comfortable letting their colleagues see their transactions. In this case, you can block these people as soon as you are done doing business with them. Also, for one-time payments, you can freely block and hide transaction history as well. 

And if you are a user of Venmo for its payment efficiency and not a social moment, you can easily set your whole account to be private and don’t have headaches about who is seeing your business on Venmo. It is important to have these options because sharing pieces of personal information can be dangerous if they end up in the wrong hands and can be used against you. For good or bad, we live in a world where each person is like an open book available for everyone’s judgment.