What Is a Venmo Handle?

The world of mobile applications and social media comes with many new terminologies that might confuse some people. If you’re currently starting to introduce yourself to the Venmo app and mobile banking, different questions might pop up, such as “what is a Venmo handle?” If you are willing to inform yourself about some basic terms regarding Venmo, this article will be a great starting point.

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A Venmo handle is a username that you use for your personal account. Your social handle should be something clean and easy to remember and no more than fifteen characters. This handle will be super important for making payments, so make sure you do not share it with people you don’t know.

Venmo Handle Is a Username You Will Be Using for Your Personal Account

Just like with any other application and social media platform, the Venmo app requires its users to make a unique username for their account and personal wallet. When signing up for Venmo, you need to think of a username you will be using for your account.

It should be something you can remember, so it’s easy for your friends and companions to find. It’s best that the username you create when making your account for the first time stays the same – you can always change it, but it’s recommended that you do it sparingly.

Tips for Creating a Venmo Handle You Should Consider

Thinking of a personal username for Venmo can be trickier than it seems. When it comes to social media accounts, people always like to make their usernames consistent, so they all have some brand signature. Similar things can be applied to Venmo, and these next few tips could possibly be helpful to you once you start making your personal account:

  • If you have a business account on Venmo and you use it for business transactions, you should align your username with your brand. This way, your clients can find you much easier.
  • For a personal account, you can keep it simple and personalized. Consider using your name, nickname, or your surname for the handle.
  • Make sure the handle is easy for pronunciation and spelling. Try to avoid complicated usernames with too many characters.
  • Avoiding punctuation in your handle is a good idea, as it can often be confusing when other people have to find you.
  • Check the availability of your handle, and ensure it is not something too common that can be easily mixed up with other people’s handles.

Your Venmo Handle Is What Keeps You Safe on the App

Since Venmo is an online wallet, most people are worried about how safe the app is. Since there is your money and information about your cash cards on the app, you should really be careful with keeping it safe and secure. So far, Venmo is doing a great job with securing your information and protecting it through verification and multifactor authentication options.

However, Venmo cannot protect you if you don’t know how to protect yourself, so being informed is going to be crucial. Most importantly, since your handle is an important part of your account, it should not be shared with strangers.

Other People Can Find You on Venmo Through Your Handle

In case you want to make transactions with other people, you need to share each other’s handles. If you need to send money or send a payment request to someone, you have to search for their username in order to do so. In case you want to have your family members and friends available on Venmo, you should know each other’s handles. So unless you want to make transactions with other people, sharing your username with others is no longer necessary.

You Can Prevent People From Finding You on Venmo

If you don’t want others to find you on Venmo, you can simply prevent them from doing so. You can do this by going to your settings in the top right corner, tapping on the “privacy” button, and then selecting your default privacy settings. This way, you can ensure your privacy is protected on the app. You can also use the option for blocking on Venmo in case you want to protect yourself from certain individuals.

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There Are Different Ways People Can Find You on Venmo

Finding someone on Venmo is super easy and can be done in a few different ways. Searching for someone’s handle is not the only way – you can use other methods to find the person or a business account you wish to do an instant transfer with. In the table below, you can find some different methods and approaches you can use in order to find the account you wish to do transactions.

MethodHow to do it?
HandleSearching for a person’s username in the search bar of Venmo.
QR codeIf you are in the same place, you can scan each other’s unique QR codes associated with your accounts.
SyncingYou can sync phone numbers from your contacts or friends on Facebook on Venmo so you can find anyone you have added on those platforms.

Now That You Know What a Venmo Handle Is, You Can Use the App Easily

To be able to use any app or social media properly, you have to be familiar with the terminology and useful information that will help you operate more easily. This is especially with an app such as Venmo, where your personal information and money are situated.

Staying safe on this platform is super important, and the best way to do it will be by informing and educating yourself. Hopefully, this article was a helpful starting point for new users willing to try out online banking and mobile transactions. My advice is to continue learning more so you can operate the app more safely.