How to Venmo a Phone Number

Venmo has become one of the most popular transaction apps in the USA, and phone numbers are an integral part of its function. Hence, in this article, you will find all the information on how to Venmo a phone number.

A Venmo account cannot work without a phone number. You will have to enter one when creating an account. The procedure is fairly simple, and it requires just a few steps. Once the account is created, you will be able to sync your phone contact list and social networks and use phone numbers to quickly carry out all transactions. Again, it just requires a few clicks.

A person using a Venmo app on a smartphone

Venmo Cannot Function Without a Phone Number

Known for being able to perform fast transactions, Venmo has become one of the most popular smartphone apps. When creating your account, you will have to enter a valid phone number, and there are good reasons for that:

  • Accounts that do not have valid phone numbers are, in most cases, spam accounts and are easily identifiable because of that.
  • Fraudulent activity can be reported by sending the number of a potential scammer’s account.
  • You can use your phone number for two-factor authentication, which is, nowadays, one of the best protection against hackers.

Venmo is a unique transaction app in the sense that it is in some ways similar to chatting apps (you will have a contact list and be able to block a person,) and that similarity is mainly established through using phone numbers to find people who are also using this app. But don’t forget that Venmo is not a bank and that a transaction can be carried out only between two accounts (it doesn’t matter if you are using a phone number or some other method).

When Registering, You Will Have to Verify the New Account Using Your Phone Number

The registration process is simple. You just have to download the app on your smartphone, open it, enter your email address, phone number, and the desired password, and confirm. Once this has been completed, you will receive a message on your phone from Venmo, which will include a verification number. In order to finalize the registration and enter the app, you have to enter this number. After copying the verification number from the message, reenter the app, and type in the number.

The Fastest Way to Create a Contact List on Venmo Is via Phone Numbers

What exactly is Venmo used for? Basically, a user can send and receive money to and from people who are also using the app. Therefore, you will have a contact list that will mostly be made out of people you know in real life. The easiest way to create a contact list is to connect the app with your smartphone phonebook, and here is how it is done.

Step 1Once you have successfully logged in, go to the main menu and select “Settings” (the second option from the bottom of the main menu).
Step 2After entering “Settings,” a new menu will appear. From this new menu, select the option “Friends & Social,” located in the middle.
Step 3After entering “Friends & Social,” you will have various options to toggle between on and off, depending on how many social networks you have. But, the most important one will be “Phone Contacts,” and you should switch it on. 
Step 4After doing this, go back to the main menu. You will see the option “Friends,” and all your contacts who have a Venmo account should appear on this list.

One of the Ways of Sending Money Is to Enter Someone’s Phone Number

There are a few ways to send or request money via this app, and entering a phone number is one of them. After deciding on the amount you want to send or receive and selecting the “Pay or Request” option, simply type in the phone number of the user. The app will immediately send the notification, and the person receiving it has to confirm.

You Can Also Update Your Phone Number on the App if There Is a Need for It

If you want to change your phone number on the app, the procedure is simple. Here is what has to be done.

Step 1In the main menu, find the “Settings” option and press it.
Step 2A new menu will appear. Find the option “Change Phone Number” (it is right under the “Friends & Social” option.
Step 3After pressing this option, you will just need to enter your new number in the designated field.
Step 4You will receive a message with the verification number (the same one as when you registered your account). Enter this number, and the app will reset. Your phone number will be replaced immediately.

A Phone Number Is Also Required if You Want to Log in From a New Device

The app will immediately register if you are trying to log in from a new device. As a part of a security procedure, you will have to enter either your email address or phone number, and the procedure is the same. You will again need to enter the verification code received from the Venmo team.

A person opening a Venmo app on a smartphone

Venmo Is Truly One of the Most Convenient Transaction Apps Available in the USA

The simple smartphone app and the efficiency of transactions are the two main reasons why Venmo has become so popular in the USA. You really don’t have to know anything special. Everything is done with a few simple clicks. However, as mentioned above, a transaction can only be performed between accounts, so sometimes, you have to be prepared to pay or receive money without Venmo.