How to Add Venmo Balance to Venmo Card

If you are a fan of online banking and fast money transfers, you are probably already familiar with Venmo. Getting a Venmo debit card can be pretty useful for managing payments but do you know how to add a Venmo balance to a Venmo card? If you are eager to learn how to do this option on your account, this brief article will be quite helpful.

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Venmo Debit Card uses the money in the user’s personal Venmo balance, so there is no need to transfer it. If you need more money on your Venmo card, you should simply add the needed amount to your balance. Some cardholders have the ability to use reloads to make purchases that exceed the amount that they have in their account.

If You Have Money on Your Venmo Balance, You Immediately Have It on Your Venmo Card

Owning a Venmo debit card can help you immensely with easier transactions of your money. It mainly helps with managing the money that you have on your balance. Since a Venmo debit card uses the money in your Venmo balance to make easier and faster payments, there is no need to worry about making additional steps to have money on the card.

It Is Needless to Move Money From Your Account to Your Venmo Card

One thing you should be aware of when transferring money to your Venmo debit card is that it is unnecessary. A Venmo debit card uses the money you already have in your Venmo balance, meaning no extra steps are needed to manage payments with your debit card. Unless you want to add more funds to your balance, you don’t have to put any extra money on your card.

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How to Add Venmo Balance to Venmo Card Step by Step

If you want to add Venmo balance to your Venmo debit card, you need first to add money to your balance. Once you add money to your balance account, you will immediately have it on your card. However, if you are unsure how to insert money into your balance, know that you can do it in a few easy steps. All you need to do is open the Venmo app on your mobile phone and follow the few steps presented in the table below.

Step 1Go to the “Me” tab
Step 2Tap on the “Manage Balance” button located at the top of your transactions feed
Step 3Enter the amount you would like to transfer
Step 4Tap on the “Next” button
Step 5Confirm the account you would like to transfer money from and review the information of the transfer, and then tap the “Add Now” button

There Is a Limit on How Much Money You Are Adding to the Balance

Adding money to your Venmo balance is super easy. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are certain limits. For example, there is a $1,500 weekly rolling limit, and a transaction will count against your weekly rolling limit for exactly seven days following the initial time of the withdrawal. Some users of Venmo debit cards have the option of using the Instant Add Money option, and this feature has a separate limit which is $500 per week.

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If You Need More Money on Your Venmo Balance, You Can Use Reloads

Sometimes, you may want to make a purchase with your Venmo debit card, but the total amount is higher than what you have available in your balance. However, that should be fine because Venmo has a reload option. When you have enabled the reload option, you can make Venmo debit card purchases that exceed your Venmo balance.

This is possible because reloads allow you to automatically pull a certain amount of funds from a selected bank account to cover the total purchase amount. Keep in mind that your selected bank account still needs to have sufficient funds.

How Do Venmo Debit Card Reloads Work?

Reloads on Venmo debit cards may seem like a complicated process if you are just starting to learn about this app and all its options. However, if you truly wish to learn how reloads work and how they can help you, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Reloads occur when the purchase you are trying to make exceeds your Venmo balance.
  • You have the ability to turn your reloads on or off through your app.
  • Cash withdrawals (cashback, ATMs, or over-the-counter) do not trigger reloads.
  • If your purchase triggers a reload, you can expect to see that reload on your bank statement in about 1 to 2 business days.
  • Not all Venmo debit cardholders have access to turn on reloads. If you do not have access to it, you should stick to adding money to your Venmo balance.

Apply for Your Venmo Card in Order to See if You Are Eligible for It

If you are interested in becoming a Venmo cardholder, you might want to consider applying. The cards will allow you to add money to your account from a linked funding source, make touch-free payments, and get no-cost cash withdrawals.

There are plenty of perks to using a Venmo debit card, and if this sounds like something you are interested in, you can easily apply for the card through the app. The Venmo debit card is available to most users but is still not available for everyone. You will not be accepted right away if you receive a “get in line” message while applying for the card.

However, you can verify your account and provide the Venmo team with additional personal information, such as your phone number or your SSN, to speed up the process. Hopefully, you find this article helpful, making handling your Venmo account more convenient and easy.