Can Google Pay Send Money to Venmo?

The notion of using several online banking services and apps is also more common, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19. Mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Venmo are becoming increasingly popular, and one of the more frequently asked questions about these platforms is – can Google Pay send money to Venmo?

Google Pay can’t send money to Venmo directly. However, it’s possible to transfer money in a roundabout way by sending it from Google Pay to the bank account and then transferring the needed amount to Venmo. Also, note you won’t be able to link two accounts with our Venmo debit card.

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Learn everything there is about Google Pay and Venmo and transfer money and make purchases like a real pro. So, if you want to have effortless transferring of money and easy purchasing, stick around.

Can Google Pay Send Money to Venmo?

Transferring your money from Google Pay to Venmo is possible, but not directly. You first have to transfer funds to your bank account and then deposit them on Venmo. Of course, this bank account has to be the same as the one linked to your Venmo account.

You’ll have to take this roundabout way since Venmo isn’t a bank. It’s an app that allows its users to send funds to one another simply by using their phones. However, you won’t have traditional banking services like savings and checking accounts. 

Can You Transfer Funds From Venmo to Google Pay?

Besides learning all Venmo features, like instant transfer or even blocking unwanted contacts, you should check whether your funds can be transferred from Venmo to Google Pay directly. Luckily, using your Venmo funds on Google Pay is possible in this situation. You have the option to make purchases or pay for your family and friends with a Venmo card using Google Pay. All you have to do is ensure your Venmo debit card is properly linked to your Google Pay account.

You need to make this step because the Venmo card is linked between two apps. Also, make sure your Venmo balance has sufficient funds in order to cover transfers and purchases. Basically, linking your Venmo debit card to Google Pay is the only way to carry over the funds you have from one platform to the other. Note that without this debit card, it won’t be possible to make the transfer. So, after you get the card, proceed with linking it to your Google Pay account in order to use both accounts and transfer money seamlessly and effortlessly.

Check What’s the Easiest Way to Get Your Venmo Debit Card

If you want to apply for a personal Venmo card, there are some steps to take. After all, you won’t be able to link Google Pay and Venmo accounts without this card. So, it’s best to check how to do it. Luckily the whole process is pretty simple; just follow this detailed guide:  

  • Open Venmo,
  • Open the menu in the left corner on the top,
  • Select the “Cards” tab,
  • Tap the “Get Venmo Debit Card,”
  • Choose the color of the card,
  • Enter all required personal information,
  • Read all terms and conditions and tap the “Next” button,
  • Enter your shipping address,
  • Choose the most suitable action if a card is on low funds,
  • Verify all information and finish by clicking “Submit”.
  • Your card will arrive within 15 days.

How to Add Venmo to Your Google Pay App?

Since you can send money from Venmo to Google Pay, it’s important to know how to add your Venmo card to Google Pay as a payment method. However, be aware it’s only possible if an account is set up and verified to pay businesses. Also, you can use the transferred money to buy movies, games, books, and similar from the Google Play Store.

When it comes to charges, know that Google Pay may charge some small amount to a Venmo card right after it’s added as a payment method. This charge is a sort of verification that your card is valid. But don’t worry. It will be returned shortly after, and your balance will return to normal. So, after you know all the needed details, here’s how to link your Venmo debit card to Google Pay:

  • Open your Google Pay app,
  • Choose your account,
  • Select “Payment methods,”
  • Tap on “Add a Card,”
  • Choose “Credit or Debit Card,”
  • Enter the Venmo card’s information manually or capture it with your smartphone’s camera,
  • Select the most suitable method for verifying your payment method,
  • Enter the selected verification code, and your Venmo debit card is linked to Google Pay.

What App Is Better to Use – Google Pay vs. Venmo

Before you can decide which platform is better, some of the things you need to know include how much you can send to Venmo and how long it will take to send money from Venmo to the bank. If you’re still struggling with whether Google Pay is maybe a better choice, check the table below with all the features both apps will bring you.

Google PayVenmo
Payment methodsCredit, debit, bank transferCredit, debit, bank transfer
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS, WebAndroid, iOS, Web
Bank transfer feeFreeFree
Debit fee1.5% or $0.31 (whichever is greater)Free (1% for instant transfers)
Credit feeUp to 4%3%
Transfer limits$5,000$5,000
Withdrawal speedAround 1-3 business daysUsually one business day
Special featuresIntegration with other Google servicesQuick transfers to banks

Have a Safe Transaction When Using Both Google Pay and Venmo

Since you can’t directly transfer from Google Pay to Venmo, many people find it quite challenging to decide which platform is better for them. The good news is that both are reliable and have some amazing features users get to enjoy. Also, it’s good to know that you can easily use funds from Venmo on Google Pay. So, consider all features from both apps and get the best digital wallet for your needs.