Can I Get a Venmo Card?

One of the best mobile payment platforms is Venmo. Holders of Venmo accounts can easily transfer money and split bills with other platform users. If you are wondering, “can I get a Venmo card,” read this article. I’ll let you in on the perks of using Venmo.

Yes, you can get a Venmo debit card, but only if you have a Venmo account. Users have to apply for a Venmo card on the application. It is usually received in a couple of days.

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What Is a Venmo Debit Card?

A Venmo Debit Card is part of the MasterCard network. That means that the card can only be used at places that accept MasterCard in the United States. The Venmo account is linked to the card, so you can withdraw money from your balance. There are also some fees associated with this card upon withdrawing the money in certain cases.

How Does the Debit Card Work?

The debit card makes it easier for Venmo users to make purchases at physical stores. Paying with the card and withdrawing funds from the apps is easier when you have a MasterCard debit card. Another advantage of owning a Venmo card is the opportunity to add money to the card from your balance in less than 30 minutes.

Wherever in the US you want to use the money from your account, this debit card will be needed. The Venmo app is fully compatible with the card, so you will also track transactions effortlessly. If the card somehow gets stolen or lost, you don’t have to worry. There is an option in the app that lets you disable it so no one can spend your money.

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Can I Get a Venmo Card and What Are the Requirements?

Anyone who has a Venmo account and uses the application can apply for a Venmo Debit Card. Applying for the card is completely free of charge. You only need to have the application to order one, and you will be asked to fill out a request form with your personal information. Once you receive it, you will be allowed to spend your funds from the account.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Get a Venmo Card

Make sure that you are a Venmo customer and that you have the app downloaded on your phone. The following steps to getting the Venmo card are:

  • Open the application on a tablet or a mobile phone,
  • Find the menu icon and click on it. It is located in the top left corner,
  • From the drop-down menu, select the option Venmo Card,
  • Next tap on the button Get The Venmo Card,
  • Decide on the card color,
  • Tap on the button “Next”
  • Type in your last and first name,
  • Select “Next”
  • Type in your address and click on “Next” again,
  • You will be offered a feature that lets you automatically load the card when the funds get used up. If you want to have this feature, bank account information has to be entered.
  • Tap “Next”
  • Before tapping on the button “Submit,” check whether you’ve correctly entered the necessary information. After completing everything, submit your application.

When you order the card, the platform will let you know how long you will need to wait in order to get approved and receive it. Users commonly wait between five and seven business days. Once you get it, it will have to be activated before you start using it.

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Low Funds on the Card? Here’s How to Reload It

If you’ve chosen the option to reload the card from your bank account when the fund gets used up, you can quickly continue to use the card for making purchases. Users have the option of transferring $10 at a time from their bank account.

Individuals who would like to enable this feature can simply go to the “Setting” option in the application and tap on the “Venmo Debit Card” button. Here one can switch on the option or switch it off. However, remember that bank information has to be provided. Bear in mind that as a Venmo customer, you are allowed to borrow money from the platform.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Venmo Card

If you still are indecisive about getting a Venmo card, here is a table with the advantages and disadvantages of using one so you can make a sound and informed decision:

If you have enabled a card reloads feature, you can continue making purchases even in cases when your funds are insufficient.You won’t be allowed to make any international purchases since the card can be used only within the United States.
Money can be withdrawn at MoneyPass ATMs in the United States free of charge.Withdrawing money at ATMs that are not in the MoneyPass system comes with a charge of $2.50 plus other charges imposed by the owner of the ATM.
At stores that accept MasterCard, users can also shop with their Venmo Debit Card. It’s not enough that a store accepts Venmo.A sign-up bonus is not offered for the Venmo Debit Card
The platform offers the Protection Purchase Program. When issues arise with authorized merchants, the platform protects users of the Venmo Debit Card.

Will You Benefit From Owning a Venmo Debit Card?

Users that want to shop in the United States and control their finances with the Venmo application are going to enjoy the perks of a Venmo Debit Card. The advantages, such as available reloads and the security protection of the platform, prove that the card is safe and convenient.

Quickly checking your balance and effortlessly making an in-store purchase is made possible by the digital mobile platform. The fees are minimal, and you can only pay charges when you use ATMs that are not in the MoneyPass system.

If you are already using Venmo to split bills, send money and pay for different transactions, a debit card will only be an addition that you will ultimately benefit from. Don’t miss the chance to improve the way you control finances and go about making payments at physical stores.