“You Can’t Use This Card On Venmo” Error

I know that I was just as confused as you were when I got the following message: “Sorry! You can’t use this card on Venmo.” I mean, sure, my debit card is linked to my checking account, so why wouldn’t it work? Turns out, there’s a reason for this.Let me explain what’s going on.

When you try to add a credit or debit card, and you get an error message that says “You can’t use this card on Venmo”, it means that either your zip code or billing address on file with the card issuer doesn’t match the one we have on file for your Venmo account. To resolve this error, please contact your card issuer and ask them to amend your zip code or mailing address on file.

Once they’ve updated the information, you should be able to add your card on Venmo without any issues.

Venmo is an extremely popular brand that almost everyone is familiar with. According to its parent company PayPal, the famous platform for dividing bills and transferring funds to friends and family handled $44 billion in the third quarter of 2020.

As per Investor’s Business Daily, Venmo had more than 60 million users over the same time span.

Venmo accepts network branded (e.g. Discover, American Express, Visa, MasterCard) credit, debit, and prepaid cards that are registered under your name. You can also add an EDD card.

Cards may be rejected by Venmo or the card issuer for funds availability or for fraud protection purposes. A SSN or zip code may even be required to connect your account to certain payment cards.

If you have wanted to connect your credit or debit card to your Venmo account but got an error message, it may be one of the following reasons:

  • The billing address on your Venmo account differs from the one on your credit card statement.

What you can do is: Check your card statement to ensure all addresses match. If you are certain you have entered all right, contact the credit card provider and see what they have on record. It can take longer for details to be changed following a recent transition.

  • You are only allowed to add a card to one Venmo account at a certain time.

What you can do is: Delete your card from the other Venmo account and then connect it to your current one.

You can’t Venmo money to yourself.

What Is The Procedure For Adding A Debit Card To Venmo?

Using the Venmo App

Open your phone’s Venmo app. The icon is light blue with a large white V. It’s typically on your home screen (iPad/iPhone/) or in the app menu (Android).

You can get the app free of charge fromm your Google Play Store or your Apple App Store if you haven’t downloaded it.

Before you begin, double-check that your debit card bears the Mastercard or Visa logo. In the case that your bank uses a particular kind of debit card, it will seem and work as an actual credit card rather than a debit card.

There is a fee for transactions made with credit cards, but not for debit card transactions.

  • Tap Sign In after entering your login details. In case you have Touch ID enabled, you could be asked to sign in by placing a finger over the sensor.
  • Tap on the menu bar which is the three vertical lines. It can be found in the top-left corner.
  • Tap Settings. It can be found near the bottom of the menu.
  • Tap the Payment Methods button. It’s the 2nd option located beneath the “Preferences” header.
  • Tap on the option “Add a bank or credit card.” It’s under the header “Payment methods” The menu will be expanded.
  • Enter the details for your debit card. You may manually type the information or take a picture of your card by tapping the camera icon (located in the “Card Number” part).
  • Your submitted zip code must meet the billing address you have recorded with your bank. Make sure that you are using the same zip code for your most current bank statement.
  • The three-digit authentication code is normally included in your card’s back signature
  • Now tap on “Add.” The blue button located at the lower part of the form is the one you are looking for. This connects your Venmo account to your debit card.
  • If your card information isn’t approved, double-check that you have entered the information correctly. Venmo suggests calling the bank for help if you have just changed your address and can’t connect your card.

Return to the Settings > Payment Methods and press the debit card if you have several payment methods and want to make that the default.

How Long Do Venmo Payments From And To Friends Take To Arrive?

According to Venmo, in certain situations, money is made accessible to the recipient nearly immediately. There could be an issue processing a transaction in certain unusual cases.

If Venmo discovers an issue, funds can not be immediately accessible to the recipient.

According to the Venmo website, when there’s a problem with the transaction or it’s been flagged for review, it will be “usually fixed within 48 hours.”

The recipient will then be able to spend the money from their Venmo account or transfer it to their bank account after they get it.

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Is Capital In A Venmo Account Covered By The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)?

That is contingent on how you plan to utilize the account. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation would not insure Venmo accounts.

So if there are any funds in your Venmo account that you and your roommates use to pay your rent and Venmo goes out of business, there is a chance that you might lose that income.

According to Venmo’s website, whether you use direct deposit or check to cash for your Venmo account, you would be available for FDIC insurance up to the regular allowable deposit insurance limit.

Venmo notes why this assists you in avoiding the possibility of losing your funds if the deposit banks it requires to store certain funds fail.

According to Venmo’s website, FDIC insurance is not applicable if the company goes bankrupt. Venmo says that funds that they have on reserve in a custodial account for the gain of the account holders can be covered against lawsuits from their creditors.

If court or other legal actions to decide possession of the funds are underway, you will not be able to access those funds.